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The Joy of Six Slot simulates craps action
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Microgaming's video slot release The Joy of Six allows players the chance to experience the excitement of the enthralling game of craps. Based in a casino environment, the five-reel, 30-payline slot lets players throw the dice in a vibrant world of vivid graphics, craps animations and distinctive sound effects. The large variety of features within the game gives players many opportunities to profit from an enjoyable experience.
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Golden Touch is one of the best craps resources on the web. From the basic strategies to the intracacies of dice control, they have the information for craps players. With instruction provided by some of the biggest names in craps including Frank Scoblete, Dominator and other colorful characters, should be on your list of sites to visit!The CrapshooterThe creation of Larry Edell, one of the best-known experts in the field of craps. The site has a variety of offerings including a bookstore, strategy articles, a free trial subscription to Larry's The Crapshooter newsletter. Sharpshooter CrapsThe official site for Jerry Patterson and the Sharpshooter's Dice Control courses. Since 1996, Sharpshooter and Patterson have been perfecting their techniques and they provide details of what's involved. The site provides craps strategy, a free newsletter, a bookstore and practice tables.

Dice Setting and Dice Control

Dice control is a hot topic among craps players.Dice setting, control and precision shooting are hot buzzwords of craps players in the know.  If you could get the dice to roll your way even just some of the time, you would be ahead in the game.  This is the thinking behind the craps instruction of professionals like Frank Scoblete and Dominator of Golden Touch craps program, and Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter and their Sharpshooter/PARR Dice Control.

How YOU Can Grip the Dice Like an Expert
by Larry Edell
There are actually three parts to controlling the dice -- Setting, gripping and throwing. This article will explore the best ways to grip the dice after you've set them, so that your throw is accurate.
The Two Keys to Successful Precision Dice Control
by Chris Pawlicki
Chris Pawlicki first wrote about the physical phenomena of dice trajectories and other critical elements of dice control in his ground-breaking 95,000 word book, Get the Edge at Craps, How to Control the Dice. This article summarizes the first key to precision dice control. The second article will follow shortly.
The Second Trajectory in Dice Control
by Chris Pawlicki
With his new article on dice control, subtitled, 'How to Hit the Back Wall Pyramids and Still Maintain Control', Sharpshooter offers a graphical description of the optimal throw method necessary to achieve the results that will make a dice control player a winner.
How to Grip the Dice For Maximum Control
by Chris Pawlicki
The Grip is the most important factor in successful control. Chris Pawlicki, aka Sharpshooter, explains the technique he uses when gripping the dice for the best results.
Dice Control: Hardway versus V Sets
by Chris Pawlicki
The Sharpshooter responds to a question regarding the 'all hardway' dice control set.
The Key to Attaining a Real Advantage at Dice Control
by Jerry Patterson
Dice Control can be defined simply as the skill of throwing the dice more than the random 6 times including the seven out in the point cycle. The statistics speak very loudly in this low, house-edge game: If you can roll 6.14 times in the point cycle, you break even; roll eight times including the seven-out and you have a double digit edge approaching 17%.
The Second Key to Precision Dice Control
by Chris Pawlicki
In the second of two articles, Chris Pawlicki describes the Apex Dice-Strike. This provides the second key to precision dice control and is featured in his upcoming book, Winning Dice Control Techniques -- Shooting Craps from the Zone.
Dice Control's Field Favorable Super Set
by Jerry Patterson
The Field Super Set
This Dice Set is called a Super Set because it favors field numbers, thereby empowering the Iron Cross Betting Tactic which generates a win on every roll of the dice until the 7-out.
Dice Control Grip Problem & Solution: Dice Flying in Opposite Directions
by Jerry Patterson
If the dice are bouncing sideways, away from each other without crossing after the initial bounce, you have a small split between the dice at the bottom. If the dice cross each other first, and then move away, that would indicate a split at the top. The dice will always bounce AWAY from whatever edge hits the table.
The PARR Zone: Level 3 Training -- The Power Zone
by Jerry Patterson
It's time to put all the pieces into one complete picture. For those of you who like to first give something a fast read, you may need to read this manual again. Make sure you understand the principals before you begin practicing Level Three: The Power Zone. When you have mastered your Level One and Level Two Modules, you will be able to enter The Power Zone almost at will.
The PARR Zone: Level 2 Training
by Jerry Patterson
In the second of three articles we explore material from an upcoming book by Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter on the finer techniques of dice control, specifically the PARR Zone.
The PARR Zone: Level 1 Training
by Jerry Patterson
What Role does the Zone play in Dice Control? The Zone's role is just as important as the muscle memory skills of setting, gripping, picking up and throwing the dice with control. The objective of dice control is to avoid the losing 7 in the point cycle. With the Zone, you can maintain muscle memory consistency and keep on rolling the same way every time you pick up the dice. It's this consistency that leads to the long hands with stacks of chips pushed your way on roll after roll.
Introduction to the PARR Zone
by Jerry Patterson
What Role does the Zone play in Dice Control? The Zone's role is just as important as the muscle memory skills of setting, gripping, picking up and throwing the dice with control. The objective of dice control is to avoid the losing 7 in the point cycle. With the Zone, you can maintain muscle memory consistency and keep on rolling the same way every time you pick up the dice.
Dealing With the Double-Pitch - Part II
by Walter Diem, Jr.
In the second part of the series, Walter Diem gives you his suggestions on how to deal with the double pitch problem when using craps control methods.
Casino Math and Craps
by Frank Scoblete
Players who attempt play craps in their favor can only do so by exerting influence over the results of their throws. This is called many names, rhythmic rolling, controlled shooting, precision shooting, but all these names mean one thing -- the player is trying to influence the dice so that the result of the game is no longer random.
Dice Control: Dealing With the Double-Pitch - Part I
by Walter Diem, Jr.
A double-pitch toss that ends in a seven out can point to two culprits for bringing us to a bad end; the toss and the table. Walter Diem explains the details of this dice control error.
Throw the Dice Like an Expert
by Larry Edell
Larry Edell believes focus, visualization and practice are the key elements to controlling the dice. Maybe there's something to his tecnique, maybe not, but learning how to relax and staying calm certainly can't hurt while rolling the dice. If your able to control yourself... maybe you could control the dice!
The Secrets of Gripping the Dice in Craps
by Larry Edell
Here are some tips from Larry Edell on how to quickly set the dice. Whether you are working on precision shooting or just having fun, controlling the dice adds to the excitement.
The Craps Shooter Selection Secret
by Jerry Patterson
The key to succesful dice setting lies in consistency, grip, backswing and release and cool shooter's demeanor. If you spot a dice shooter meeting this criteria, there's good chance you've found an expert you should ride!
Craps: Pre-Set the Dice
by Larry Edell
Scientific fact or wishful thinking? That has been the question dogging dice setting for some time. Even if it doesn't work all the time, if it works some of the time it's worth the effort. Larry Edell discusses some of his favorite pre-set dice throws in this article.
Setting Dice and Dice Science
by Basil Nestor
Golden shooters, rhythmic rollers, hot shooters, golden arms. . . Dice setting has gotten a lot of attention lately. If you learn the science of dice, you can learn a technique that use yourself at the craps table.

In the News...

New Craps Dice Control Book Planned
Dice control is a hot topic among craps players.
Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Internationally known gambling authors, Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter have announced that their new book, Winning Dice Control Techniques: Shooting Craps from the ZONE will be released by Penguin Putnam in early 2007. The book includes control and shootings tips ranging from the basic to the advanced.
Patterson and Sharpshooter Focus on Dice Control
Monday, May 01, 2006

Dice shooting gets the scientific treatment at the hands of Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter. The duo's newly redesigned website is a comprehensive resource for this fascinating topic.
Is Craps Really Unbeatable? Not According to the Dominator.
Friday, December 02, 2005

Frank Scoblete and the Dice Dominator have created a controlled die throw to beat the game of craps and have published a new book about it. Does it work? They claim it's been working for them for the past 15 years.

Book Reviews...

Crapshooters Flock to Books That Explain Dice Control
by Howard Schwartz
In the past few years the controversy about whether a shooter can control the dice and produce advantageous numbers has increased. Authors and experts now offer lessons, seminars, DVDs and books on the subject.
Stanford Wong Explores Skill-Shooting in 'Wong on Dice'
by Howard Schwartz
Stanford Wong, one of best read authors on gambling and games, focuses on the world of dice and craps in his fascinating new book. Issues covered range from the basics- bets, house edge, table layout, thru the more advanced topics- pre-setting, controlling and probability. An interesting, well written easy read.
SharpShooter's Dice Control Book an Interesting Read
by Nick Christenson
This books probes the the interesting, though often neglected elements, of mathematics and statistics governing the game of craps. If dice setting experts can claim their shooting techniques could give them a 5% edge over the house, why aren't they all millionaires? Don't bet on this book becoming the craps player's answer to 'Beat the Dealer'.
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