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Club USA Casino Craps
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Club USA Casino has good craps action at their site. They offer private, public and reserved tables. The minimum bet is $1 and the max is $500. The casino offers behind the line odds. Nice graphics and sound add up to a satisfying craps experience. Good shooting.
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Related Links is undoubtedly the most comprehensive craps site on the web today. The site is run and edited by a real Las Vegas craps dealer who obviously loves the game and the people who play it. The BoneMan, as he is known on the site, provides everything you need from how to play the game, the best strategies, where to play, and what you should know about craps dealers. There is also a free newsletter. A must visit for craps players.Nextshooter Craps DictionaryTo see the Boneman's craps dictionary in its original home and also to keep up with the latest craps conditions in Las Vegas, visit

Craps Rules and Craps History

The roots of craps go back to the dice games of ancient times.  Pre-dating cards by many centuries, dice were originally made from either bones or stones.  In the late nineteenth century, craps evolved into the game we recognize today.  The rules have been codified, and now craps is second only to blackjack as the world's most popular casino table game.

History of Craps
by Basil Nestor
Craps is a contest that appeals to gregarious gamblers and those who love fast action and mercurial ups and downs. Learn about craps and its history from the Middle Ages through today's modern casino game.
The History of Craps
There is no argument that craps is the most exciting game in a casino. Taking a chance on the roll of the dice connects you to all risk takers from the past. We'll explore the origins of the game and the origin of its name in this history of craps.
The History of Dice
Tumbling dice have been with us since we first had the leisure to ponder good and bad luck. The history of these cubes of luck stretches from primitive culutres, the Egyptian, Greek and Roman times, Europe of the Middle Ages and into the modern world.
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