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Guide to Craps
Basic CrapsLearn the practical aspects of playing craps. Let's examine the layout of the table, the roles of the craps crew, how to buy in, how to bet, and what's the puck. Finally, let's take a short course on how to throw the dice.Come and Don't Come Craps BetsCraps is exciting because every roll can be a winner. Here we explore some of the bets that go beyond the pass line like come bets and don't come bets.The Odds Bet in CrapsIf you want to make the best bet at the craps table, you've got to know how to bet odds. These bets can reduce the house edge significantly. Craps Odds SecretsThe tricky thing about betting the odds in craps is that there is no place for the bet on the layout. It's a bit like an 'off the menu' special; the craps odds bet is available only to people who know enough to ask.Craps: Working Bets and Taking Bets DownCraps is one of the few casino games where you can take a bet out of action even after you've made it. Let's take a look at working bets and taking wagers down in craps. Even More Craps Bets: Place, Lay, BuyThere are dozens of craps bets beyond pass, don't pass, come, and don't come. The place, lay and buy are options for those bettors who like to bet on numbers directly. Bad Craps BetsSome of the most tempting bets in craps are also the worst. Betting on the field looks like a no-brainer when so many numbers can win, but looks can be deceiving on a craps table.The Worst Craps BetsIf you want to know which bets to avoid when playing craps, look no further. Even though they have high payoffs, these craps bets have the biggest edge for the house.Craps LingoIf you've ever stood around a craps table and thought to yourself, 'What the heck are they talking about?,' you're not alone. Thanks to the hard work of the BoneMan of and the Irish Setter, the vocabulary of craps is explained for those who need to know or just enjoy learning a new language.
Related Craps Links
Golden Touch is one of the best craps resources on the web. From the basic strategies to the intracacies of dice control, they have the information for craps players. With instruction provided by some of the biggest names in craps including Frank Scoblete, Dominator and other colorful characters, should be on your list of sites to visit!The CrapshooterThe creation of Larry Edell, one of the best-known experts in the field of craps. The site has a variety of offerings including a bookstore, strategy articles, a free trial subscription to Larry's The Crapshooter newsletter. Sharpshooter CrapsThe official site for Jerry Patterson and the Sharpshooter's Dice Control courses. Since 1996, Sharpshooter and Patterson have been perfecting their techniques and they provide details of what's involved. The site provides craps strategy, a free newsletter, a bookstore and practice tables.Current Craps Conditions in Las VegasProviding the number of tables, table odds, table limits, and even field odds for every casino in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas, the 'Ultimate Las Vegas Craps Directory' will help you find the best craps games in town.

Learning Craps with the Experts

Craps is one of the best games you can play in a casino. It's fast and full of energy, with every dice roll a betting proposition. The house edge on most craps bets is low, making craps a good bet for the player. Learn from our articles the history and rules of craps, craps strategy, dice control or read the latest craps books. Now's the time to limber up, shake those dice and let'em roll!

Featured Craps Authors

Book Author

Larry Edell

has been the editor of 'The Crapshooter Newsletter' since 1994. He has published nine books and over two hundred different articles in magazines such as 'Casino Player', 'Gaming Today', 'Mid West Players 'and 'Gambling Times'.
Book Author

Jerry Patterson

is an internationally known gaming author, player, and instructor and has written five gambling books. The two most popular are 'Casino Gambling: A Winner’s Guide to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and Casino Poker 'and 'Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook.'
Book Author

Chris Pawlicki

(AKA Sharpshooter) has an engineering background which he has put to good use in his dice control research. He and Jerry Patterson created the "dice control revolution" with the development of the first dice control course in 1996. He published his own book, How to Control the Dice in 2002, and launched in 2003.

Latest Craps Strategy and Rules

Tips and Strategies in Playing Craps in a Casino
by ReadyBetGo Editor
Gambling is not really a game for the fainthearted. It is for those who are daring enough to put their bets on an uncertain process. There are many different bets and each one has its own probability of winning. Being educated in the odds of casino games is the key to professional gambling. Although most games have options which can increase your chances of walking away with lots of money with small bets, remember that the odds are stacked against you on those low risk / high reward propositions. No matter the bet, if you get into a game in a casino without prior knowledge, the chances of losing money easily and quickly are more likely.
Craps is About Dice
by Basil Nestor
Explained are the dice, dice combinations and probabilities, the basics of how you win or lose at craps, and an introduction to the Pass and Don't Pass.
The Secrets of Basic Craps Tournament Play
by Larry Edell
If you are a regular crapshooter, you might want to enter a craps tournament some day. Some of these contests are free to enter, some cost a few hundred dollars, and a few cost quite a bit more, depending on the prize money. In this article, Larry Edell outlines some sound strategy for craps tournament play.
How YOU Can Grip the Dice Like an Expert
by Larry Edell
There are actually three parts to controlling the dice -- Setting, gripping and throwing. This article will explore the best ways to grip the dice after you've set them, so that your throw is accurate.

Craps Book Reviews

Crapshooters Flock to Books That Explain Dice Control
by Howard Schwartz
In the past few years the controversy about whether a shooter can control the dice and produce advantageous numbers has increased. Authors and experts now offer lessons, seminars, DVDs and books on the subject.

Craps News

New Version of 'My Craps Game' Takes Simulation to New Levels
Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Software developer Digital Showcase has announced that its software title 'My Craps Game' now has a new version 1.2 that takes the game playability up a whole level.
Frank Scoblete's World Craps Championships Sold Out
Saturday, August 05, 2006
Frank Scoblete's World Craps Championships brought 167 players from around the country to Las Vegas on the weekend of July 22 and 23 to participate in the first non-casino craps tournaments ever held. There were 10 tournaments spread out over two days - all of them head-to-head matches, based on dice rolling skills, with the winner of each match advancing to the next round.
New Craps Dice Control Book Planned
Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Internationally known gambling authors, Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter have announced that their new book, Winning Dice Control Techniques: Shooting Craps from the ZONE will be released by Penguin Putnam in early 2007. The book includes control and shootings tips ranging from the basic to the advanced.
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