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Club USA Casino Craps
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Club USA Casino has good craps action at their site. They offer private, public and reserved tables. The minimum bet is $1 and the max is $500. The casino offers behind the line odds. Nice graphics and sound add up to a satisfying craps experience. Good shooting.
Play Now at Club USA Casino!
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New Version of 'My Craps Game' Takes Simulation to New Levels

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Software developer Digital Showcase has announced that its software title 'My Craps Game' now has a new version 1.2 that takes the game playability up a whole level. "My CrapsMy Craps Game Screenshot
My Craps Game Screenshot
  Game" is a high level simulation, just for fun, a non-gambling game for Mac OS X and Windows.

"My Craps Game" allows the new player to get in the action by easily practicing the game with no risk, utilizing the extensive online Help. Experts can try their own styles and systems in the most realistic Craps game ever according to many Las Vegas experts. "My Craps Game" is now the only computer Craps game that plays the game the right way, with the right rules and correct Las Vegas odds, providing an excellent simulation of the live game at major casinos.

Retail Product

The game software sells for $19 for Downloads or $29 for the CD which contains both the Windows and Mac OS X versions. "My Craps Game" is now available for consumer sales at the game website:

Retailers and online content providers are encouraged to contact Digital Showcase LLC to resell the game at lucrative rates for Downloads and CD sales.

New Features in Version 1.2

* Extended Free Odds Limit Options to include the Standard Las Vegas 3X-4X-5X, 5X, 10X and 20X Odds; allowing the player to match the environment that they will encounter.

* A new feature has been added to Return to Rail any existing Place Bet, when Coming Out and the Point is Established on the same number a Place Bet is sitting on.

* Added a new Option for: Put a BUY Button on Place 4 / Place 10 as "Automatic when $25 or more" or "I will put it on myself."

* When a Come Bet is on, if a Seven is rolled, the Come Bet is paid and now returned to the rail.

* When a Point is made and there are Come Bets still on the table, the game will now present a small prompt for Come Bet Odds: On or Off.

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