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Craps: Take The Money and Run
by Henry Tamburin
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Henry Tamburin's craps book covers the basic playing rules, gaming etiquette, and the mechanics of how the game is played in casinos throughout the US. It also provides thorough explanation of all the different bets on the layout, including how to make each bet, how it wins and loses, and what the casinos edge is. Other sections cover which are the best bets on the craps table and explanation of the author's successful Increased Odds playing system that takes advantage of the high multiple odds (up to 100 times) that casinos are now offering astute players.

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Guide to Craps
Basic CrapsLearn the practical aspects of playing craps. Let's examine the layout of the table, the roles of the craps crew, how to buy in, how to bet, and what's the puck. Finally, let's take a short course on how to throw the dice.Come and Don't Come Craps BetsCraps is exciting because every roll can be a winner. Here we explore some of the bets that go beyond the pass line like come bets and don't come bets.The Odds Bet in CrapsIf you want to make the best bet at the craps table, you've got to know how to bet odds. These bets can reduce the house edge significantly. Craps Odds SecretsThe tricky thing about betting the odds in craps is that there is no place for the bet on the layout. It's a bit like an 'off the menu' special; the craps odds bet is available only to people who know enough to ask.Craps: Working Bets and Taking Bets DownCraps is one of the few casino games where you can take a bet out of action even after you've made it. Let's take a look at working bets and taking wagers down in craps. Even More Craps Bets: Place, Lay, BuyThere are dozens of craps bets beyond pass, don't pass, come, and don't come. The place, lay and buy are options for those bettors who like to bet on numbers directly. Bad Craps BetsSome of the most tempting bets in craps are also the worst. Betting on the field looks like a no-brainer when so many numbers can win, but looks can be deceiving on a craps table.The Worst Craps BetsIf you want to know which bets to avoid when playing craps, look no further. Even though they have high payoffs, these craps bets have the biggest edge for the house.Craps LingoIf you've ever stood around a craps table and thought to yourself, 'What the heck are they talking about?,' you're not alone. Thanks to the hard work of the BoneMan of and the Irish Setter, the vocabulary of craps is explained for those who need to know or just enjoy learning a new language.
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Current Craps Conditions in Las VegasProviding the number of tables, table odds, table limits, and even field odds for every casino in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas, the 'Ultimate Las Vegas Craps Directory' will help you find the best craps games in is undoubtedly the most comprehensive craps site on the web today. The site is run and edited by a real Las Vegas craps dealer who obviously loves the game and the people who play it. The BoneMan, as he is known on the site, provides everything you need from how to play the game, the best strategies, where to play, and what you should know about craps dealers. There is also a free newsletter. A must visit for craps players.

Craps Strategy

Craps is all about the dice.You're about to roll the dice down the length of a craps table.  You've got money on the line.  What's your strategy for winning?  If you're betting the field because it looks like fun or if the Big 6 and Big 8 are your favorite bets, you better read craps strategy.  We've found the best craps experts to help you learn and win at this great casino game.

Tips and Strategies in Playing Craps in a Casino
by ReadyBetGo Editor
Standard craps layout. This section is the same on the other half of the table.
Gambling is not really a game for the fainthearted. It is for those who are daring enough to put their bets on an uncertain process. There are many different bets and each one has its own probability of winning. Being educated in the odds of casino games is the key to professional gambling. Although most games have options which can increase your chances of walking away with lots of money with small bets, remember that the odds are stacked against you on those low risk / high reward propositions. No matter the bet, if you get into a game in a casino without prior knowledge, the chances of losing money easily and quickly are more likely.
Craps is About Dice
by Basil Nestor
Explained are the dice, dice combinations and probabilities, the basics of how you win or lose at craps, and an introduction to the Pass and Don't Pass.
The Secrets of Basic Craps Tournament Play
by Larry Edell
If you are a regular crapshooter, you might want to enter a craps tournament some day. Some of these contests are free to enter, some cost a few hundred dollars, and a few cost quite a bit more, depending on the prize money. In this article, Larry Edell outlines some sound strategy for craps tournament play.
Craps by the Numbers: 5, 6 & 7
by Frank Scoblete
In this article, we take a look at the 5, 6 and the pivotal 7. For craps players, the 7 is a god--it is feared, it is loved, it is supreme and we sacrifice a lot of money to gain its favor.
Basics Tips and Strategy of Craps
by J. Phillip Vogel
While there are plenty of strategies designed to fit the various playing styles, for beginners I suggest sticking with the 'Do' side of the table, taking it slow until you have mastered to game basics. Here are some basic strategy tips to help you get started.
Cutthroat Craps Strategies
by Frank Scoblete
Cutthroat Craps is an area of craps play that can be rather daring, yet still based on sound principles of both math and logic and can, when things are going right, yield much more in the way of return than can traditional approaches
More Cutthroat Craps Strategies
by Frank Scoblete
In the second part of Frank's article on Cutthroat Craps, you'll learn how to pick up patterns from skilled rhythm shooters.
Basic One-Two Craps Punch
by Frank Scoblete
Craps is unique among casino games. It is the only game in the casino where the house gives the player the dice and says, 'Here, beat us if you can.'
Craps: The 10 Best Bets
by Frank Scoblete
There are probably over 100 different bets and combination of bets at craps, not all of them on the layout. Here are the 10 best bets at craps in order.
The Do's and Don'ts of Craps
by J. Phillip Vogel
Many gamblers think that craps as a relatively new game popularized by casinos early in the twentieth century. But tracing its roots back through the ages reveals a surprisingly much longer history. In this article, J. Phillip Vogel discusses the history of the game and the basic terminology.
Craps: Is Regression Betting a Good Way to Play?
by Frank Scoblete
In this article, Frank Scoblete explains the mechanics and advantages of regression betting for craps.
Craps: The Field vs. Betting Inside
by Frank Scoblete
You've heard lots of warnings about betting the field in craps. In this article, Frank Scoblete compares this bet with the strategy of placing your bets on inside numbers.
The Secrets of The Fibonacci System for Craps
by Larry Edell
This is a somewhat advanced system but once you get used to it, you'll see that it almost always wins if you stick to the rules and don't make any other bets.
Craps Pro Secrets of Fours and Tens
by Larry Edell
Most place bettors seem confident that the best place bet is the 6 or 8. Wanna know the secret that craps pros use to get better odds than the 6 and 8 offers? Let's find out.
The Secret to Coverting Come Bets in Craps
by Larry Edell
By betting the come, many people believe that they can take advantage of a hot streak or a 'monster roll'. In addition, come bettors often take double (or more) odds, both on the pass and come lines, to maximize their wins.
The Secrets of Horn Bets in Craps
by Larry Edell
A horn bet is a one-roll bet on the 2, 3, 11, or 12, and must be bet in multiples of 4. For example, you can make a $4 horn bet or an $8 horn bet, but not a $5 one. Each bet pays off individually. If you bet a $4 horn and the next roll is a 2 or 12, you'll win $30 (at 30:1). Learn more about horn bets in this article. . .
Craps and Poker Pot Odds - Any Connection?
by Basil Nestor
An interesting question regarding pot odds as applied to craps has Basil Nestor thinking about having fun while gambling in a casino.
The Secret of the Two Level Doey Don't System in Craps
by Larry Edell
Sometimes you'll be on a choppy table, and even with charting or qualifying, it stays choppy. Wouldn't it be nice to bet on both sides at once and then, if a trend presents itself, just latch onto the table direction and rake in the profits?
The Secrets of Ponzer Systems
by Larry Edell
Never heard of a Ponzer System? Well, you're not the only one. Larry Edell thinks this is a good way to bet at craps and in this article, he explains why.
The Secret to Making Money with Sixes and Eights
by Larry Edell
If you like betting the sixes and eights, you're not alone. In this article, Larry Edell outlines the reasons why these bets are good ones at craps.
Navigating the Horn Bet in Craps
by Larry Edell
Horn High! What's that you said? In this article, Larry Edell explains what it's like to navigate the horn bet in craps.
Martingale Systems
by Larry Edell
All serious gamblers eventually learn about the Martingale system. And all of them learn it's not a system to be taken seriously. Here Larry Edell explains why.
The Secret to Making Put Bets in Craps
by Larry Edell
A put bet is a wager that has been all but ignored until just recently, but thanks to the proliferation of casinos offering 10X odds and above, it is becoming more common.
Odds Only Bet in Craps
by Larry Edell
As you may know, the best bet on the craps table is, of course, the unadvertised free odds bet. This is the only bet that provides the house with absolutely no commission or vig, but you usually have to make a pass/don't pass or come/don't come bet to take advantage of it.
Remembering Craps Pass Line Odds
by Larry Edell
With all of the numbers flying around a craps table, it sometimes helps to have a little system to help you remember the true odds for behind the pass line bets. Larry Edell has a nifty trick for odds calculations.
When Should You Call Off and On Odds on Come Bets
by Larry Edell
When come bets are left over after the point is made, should you call the odds all on or off? Well, that depends on how many come bets are still in action.
Craps Bankrolling
by Larry Edell
Bankrolling is one of the most important things to keep in mind BEFORE you play craps. There is really nothing like being at a hot table during a long winning streak! But, you need to have sufficient capital to stay in the game and, at the same time, produce a small profit until the streak presents itself!
How to Win a Converted Come Bet in Craps
by Larry Edell
Craps pros know that a number has to hit twice for a come bet to win, compared to once for a place bet. Instead of having your come bet poised to follow the trend of the table, it is easier and more profitable just to make what is called a converted come bet.
Craps: To Hedge or Not to Hedge (Part 2)
by Frank Scoblete
A craps player might say, 'Well, if a come-out roll is so dangerous to me because I lose on the 7 and 11, why don't I just hedge my come-outs and let my numbers stand when they are up against the Point?' Frank Scoblete answers this question in part two of his series 'To Hedge or Not to Hedge.'
The Secrets to Winning Crapless Craps
by Larry Edell
Wanna know how craps pros win at Crapless Craps? Larry Edell has the lowdown on this interesting craps game variation. You may be surprised at where the best bets are.
How To Win More Money When The Shooter's Hot!
by Larry Edell
If you want to make more money during a hot streak, your's or someone else's, Larry Edell has some words of advice for you.
Craps: To Hedge or Not to Hedge
by Frank Scoblete
To hedge or not to hedge? Wait a minute, isn't a hedge just a bush that's been trimmed? No, a hedge is thought by many to protect you from big losses on the craps table. Let's hear what resident expert Frank Scoblete has to say about hedges in this first of two articles on the subject.
Craps and Casino Comps
by Larry Edell
Complimentaries are an important aspect of casino gambling. Make sure you are taking advantage of these rewards by going over the five categories that make up the process -- Choice, Odds, Money, Play and Save.
Craps Edge Calculations
by Larry Edell
Figuring out the house edge on various craps bets doesn't take a PhD. All you need is the formula and a calculator. Larry Edell shows how its done in this craps article.
Make More Money with Come Bets in Craps
by Larry Edell
Wanna know the secret that craps pros use to increase their profits and actually make more money than the person next to them making the same come bet? Let's find out in this article about making more money with come bets in craps.
The Secret to Craps Hop Bets
by Larry Edell
A craps hop bet is a little understood one-roll, verbal bet you can make on any combination of numbers. Learn what the pros do to win with hop bets.
Craps: Minimize Your Losses--Maximize Your Comps
by Larry Edell
If you play in casino, you probably know about comps. If you play craps, you probably know that your game affords the casino a very small advantage - only about 1% on some bets. If you take full advantage of the comps the casino offers, you can make more money in comps than in winnings!
Win Goals and Loss Limits in Craps
by Larry Edell
Many crapshooters will just walk up to a table and just keep on playing until they lose all of their money. It doesn't matter if they get $100 ahead or even $500 ahead - they just keep on playing until they run out of cash. Wanna know why craps pros always use win goals and loss limits?
Craps Etiquette
by Basil Nestor
The proper behavior at a craps table is important for the game to run smoothly. Here are the do's and don'ts of craps etiquette.
Craps Bankroll Management
by Basil Nestor
How much of a bankroll do you need to play craps. In this short article, you get the bankroll facts you need.
Craps Optimal Strategy
by Basil Nestor
We are getting closer to learning the optimal strategy when playing craps. The maxims have been outlined, and now it's time to review and memorize.
Basic Tips for the Craps Table
by Larry Edell
Take a tour of the craps table and learn some valuable craps tips to take the mystery out of this exciting game.
Placing the Six and Eight in Craps
by Basil Nestor
The house edge on placing six and eight is slim making the bet a good hedge opportunity.
Craps Flat Bets With Odds
by Basil Nestor
Flat bets with odds are can significantly lower the house edge. This strategy is important to have in your arsenal.
How to Win a Craps Tournament
by Larry Edell
Craps tournaments are not for everyone, but they're fun to play, especially the inexpensive or free ones. Give them a try - you're sure to learn a lot and maybe even make some friends - and some money as well!
Larry's Seven Reasons to Play Craps
by Larry Edell
Comps and favorable odds are just a couple of good reasons to play craps. Read why craps is once again becoming the game of choice for those gamblers who like action and a fair shake.
Craps: Advanced Strategies
by Basil Nestor
Hedge bets in craps are not a panacea for beating the house. In fact, they are often the recipie for disaster. Our advanced craps strategies will give you scoop on Craps Insurance and Seven-Out Insurance.
Craps Essentials - What You Need to Know
by Basil Nestor
Here are the essentials you need to know before you go to play craps. Learn these craps basics and you'll be ready to ReadyBetGo!
How Many Come Bets Should You Make in a Row
by Basil Nestor
When the shooter is hot should you keep on piling on the come bets? It depends on your bankroll.
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