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Club USA Casino Craps
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Club USA Casino has good craps action at their site. They offer private, public and reserved tables. The minimum bet is $1 and the max is $500. The casino offers behind the line odds. Nice graphics and sound add up to a satisfying craps experience. Good shooting.
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Triple Odds Craps!
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Online craps can give you a better deal than many land-based casinos and nowhere is this more true than at Casino Tropez. This popular casino for craps players offers Triple Odds on all pass and come bets. If craps is your game, get a better shake at Tropez!
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The Secret to Making Money with Sixes and Eights

The 7, as you know, will roll six times every 36 rolls. The 6 and 8 will roll five times each, for a total of ten times in 36 sample rolls. This means that you have an almost 2:1 chance (10:6) of winningLarry EdellLarry Edell has been the editor of 'The Crapshooter Newsletter' since 1994. He has published nine books and over two hundred different articles in magazines such as 'Casino Player', 'Gaming Today', 'Mid West Players 'and 'Gambling Times'.  Larry's website is  on the 6 or 8 before the 7 rolls.

The method is simple to remember. Just wait for a 7 to roll and then a point of 4, 5, 9, or 10. Place bet the 6 and 8 for $30 each. When either number hits, take BOTH down.

When the point is made, or five rolls go by, take both bets down and wait for another 7 to roll.

If $30 per unit seems a little high to you, try this method out using only $6 units. When you make $30 or so in an hour's time, increase your unit bet to $12. When you're used to that, increase to $18, then $24 and then $30.

Let's look at some examples.

A new shooter gets the dice so the 7 just rolled. However, he rolls 3, 12, 11, 3, 12, 11. That's six rolls. Now he throws a 4 point. Should you bet on the 6 and 8? N0, because six rolls have elapsed since the last 7. You must now wait until the shooter throws a 7.

How about if the shooter makes two 6 points in a row and you're afraid you're losing out on a streak. Should you bet on the shooter's next point, even if it's a 6 or an 8? No, stay with the above method. You only bet if the point is 4, 5, 9 or 10.

Finally, if a new shooter throws a 4 point (so you bet) and then he tosses 3, 11, 12, 3, 11, 12. Should you leave your bets up? No, stick to the system.

Place betting the 6 and 8 in this manner will prove to be very profitable for you — if you stick to the rules and make no other bets!

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