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Casino Gambling : A Winner's Guide to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and Casino Poker
by Jerry Patterson
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If you're planning a trip to Vegas or any other casino gambling destination and want some quick and easy-to-follow advice to give you a good shot at coming home a winner: Read Chapter 7 for blackjack advice, Chapter 13 for craps advice, Chapter 17 for roulette advice, Chapter 18 for baccarat advice or Chapter 19 for advice on the popular variations of casino poker.
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Sharpshooter CrapsThe official site for Jerry Patterson and the Sharpshooter's Dice Control courses. Since 1996, Sharpshooter and Patterson have been perfecting their techniques and they provide details of what's involved. The site provides craps strategy, a free newsletter, a bookstore and practice tables.

The Craps Shooter Selection Secret

How do you really know if a shooter’s dice control form – set, grip, pick-up, and throw really give the shooter an edge over the house?

Most would-be dice controllers are Johnny-come-latelys;Jerry PattersonJerry Patterson is an internationally known gaming author, player, and instructor and has written five gambling books. The two most popular are 'Casino Gambling: A Winner’s Guide to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and Casino Poker 'and 'Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook.'  Jerry's website is  they may think they can control the dice, but watch out in betting on them because it’s possible that their dice control form may actually be worse than random, not better.

The Shooter Selection Secret is Consistency.

Consistency in the Soft Landing is key. You want to see the dice land softly, a few inches from the back wall, one bounce, two at the most, gently touch the back wall and repel straight back, softly, with little or no sideways, chaotic movement.

Watch at least three rolls of the dice; if you see the dice landing softly in each, you are most likely observing an advantage shooter who is definitely worth your normal wager in units that you would risk on yourself.

To gain more confidence in your shooter, begin your observation when the dice are pushed back to him by the Stickman.

Look for consistency in the set; if you can see the set, you would like to see the shooter set the dice the exact same way for every roll.

Look for consistency in the grip if you can see it. There are many different grips, so look for the shooter to grip the same way for each roll.

Look for consistency in the backswing and release of the dice into orbit. The dice should be launched at a 45-degree angle and travel in orbit together, side-by-side, or “on axis,” as we say in the trade. The line of flight should be perpendicular to the back wall.

And finally, look for consistency in the shooter’s demeanor. This may be the most important of all the variables. You want to see the shooter stay calm, cool and collected. If he is chatting with the dealer or friend, if he is distracted by the other players, if he is into the spirit of the game and yelling and shouting as he shoots, this is NOT the consistency you want to see.

We want to see a shooter focused and in The Zone. If the shooter is throwing winning number after winning number, his chances of continuing the consistency of his soft landings may well rest on his ability to maintain his mental state of mind. So keep an eye on him and watch his landings. If they start to exhibit any chaos, it may be time to “take me down.”

Jerry Patterson is the co-developer, with Sharpshooter, of the Sharpshooter/PARR Dice Control Course – the first and original Dice Control Course published in 1996 and now with over 1,600 graduates. If you’re interested in learning how to control the dice, this is the place to start. Sharpshooter DVDs demonstrate how to set, grip, and deliver the dice on-axis. You will also learn how to identify and correct any flaws in your throwing form.   

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