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The Second Trajectory in Dice Control

The graphic below illustrates a very important aspect of dice control often overlooked by dice controllers. To my knowledge, this is new information published for the first time.

As the diceChris PawlickiChris Pawlicki (AKA Sharpshooter) has an engineering background which he has put to good use in his dice control research. He and Jerry Patterson created the "dice control revolution" with the development of the first dice control course in 1996. He published his own book, How to Control the Dice in 2002, and launched in 2003.  Chris's website is  swing about the throwing elbow, the dice actually travel in a circular arc. At the moment the dice are released, the circular arc is tangent to the parabolic trajectory. You will want to release the dice at a 40 degree to 45 degree angle in order to maximize the range of the throw for a given initial velocity.

Try to land the dice such that at the apex of the second trajectory, the dice gently touch the back wall. The dice run out of gas at the apex (slope is Ø) and for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. If the dice just float in and "kiss" the back wall, they will be instantly repelled with minimal reaction force. The dice will have less opportunity to pivot about the pyramids pinnacle and conform to a skew angle. The dice should enter the wall perpendicularly and repel perpendicularly or the initial set relationship will be destroyed.

Optimal Dice Control Throw Diagram
Optimal Dice Throw Diagram

Published, with permission, from the new book – Winning Dice Control Techniques: Shooting Craps from the Zone, by Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter, copyright © 2006.

Sharpshooter's forthcoming book 'Shooting from the Zone'

Sharpshooter is the author of the best selling Get the Edge at Craps – How to Control the Dice. He is co-developer with Jerry Patterson of the Sharpshooter/PARR Dice Control Course. For more information, visit or contact Sharpshooter at:

Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter's  forthcoming book is 'Shooting from the Zone'

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