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Interesting gambling books
Limit Hold'em: Winning Short-Handed Strategies
by Terry Borer
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Limit hold’em games featuring 9 or 10 players sometimes frustrate skilled players because they don't present many opportunities to exploit weak play and because good hands often don’t stand up. Short-handed limit hold’em games feature a maximum of six players and are becoming increasingly popular because: you get to play a lot more hands, you have more chances to exploit opponents’ weaknesses and you get more opportunities to use all of your poker skills.But short-handed play differs from full ring play. Here, three expert short-handed players analyze the skills needed to succeed in short-handed play, discussing such topics as:Attacking and defending blinds, watching and reading the opposition, being aware of your own image, playing with controlled aggression.
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Interesting gambling books
Killer Poker: No Limit
by John Vorhaus
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Vorhaus, author of a slew of well-respected titles, brings you the latest in his Killer Poker series. teaches you how to analyze and improve your own play in a variety of situations. Included are discussions on developing a "style of play" while teaching you how to identify your opponent's style. Included is solid advice on playing suited aces, "problem flops", and how to avoid underbetting in specific situations. The book includes an examination of "orphan flops" (the types of cards sensible players are unlikely to hold). In Killer Poker No-Limit, Vorhaus will expand your terminology with a glossary and chapters about little-talked-about scenarios. This is a general book, dealing with cash & tournament games, that will help players find holes in their playing, and their foe's playing. Table image, 'shifting' your style, managing your bankroll are included. A notebook area is provided at the end of the book.
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Poker Books and Reviews

$40 No-Limit Texas Hold'em
by Kim Greenblatt

$40 No-Limit Texas Hold'em Book
Learn or get refresher tips on how to play the $40 no-limit hold'em - ring or tournament - one of the hottest games played in casinos and card clubs. Low buy-ins lead to some interesting games and this book by example, shows you what you should do and what you shouldn't do. For less than the cost of a buy-in, this book demonstrates a $40 NL session, $40NL tournament, half a dozen thinking hand examples and advice as to how the $40 game differs from other no limit hold'em games.
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52 Greatest Moments World Series of Poker
by Mark Rogers

52 Greatest Moments World Series of Poker Book
This coffee table book makes a great poker gift, autograph book and display item for discussion. Whether you are looking to preserve exciting historical moments or learn the details of the World Series of Poker, this book provides both in an entertaining and controversial format.
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52 Tips for No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker
by Barry Shulman

52 Tips for No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker Book
This book picks up where the popular the author's first work, 52 Tips for Texas Hold'em left off by concentrating on the no-limit version of this game. This book assumes you have a basic knowledge of hold'em, specifically which hands to play in what position. This books then adapts your basic knowledge from standard limit hold'em to no-limit. Focus is on your hand and stack size relative to others at the table.

52 Ways to Cheat at Poker
by Allan Zola Kronzek

52 Ways to Cheat at Poker Book
It's no secret that people cheat at poker, especially if there's no person or group or employee overseeing the action. Card sharps and sleight-of-hand experts know how to do it and they are not above trying it on you in home games and friendly country club or private arena. Kronzek, an expert at techniques himself, hwere demonstrates the swindles, marking systems and other methods used by cheats to indicate how they can rig a tournament, why cutting the cards isn't necessarily a guarantee of no cheating, how crews get together to beat others and how to spot these characters doing their dirty deeds.

Ace on the River: an Advanced Poker Guide
by Barry Greenstein

Ace on the River: an Advanced Poker Guide Book
No ordinary poker book. This is the first truly 'advanced' guide aimed at improving your game. Written in an easy-to-read, bare bones conversational style and designed to help anyone interested in increasing their understanding of the game, this book is ideal for those new to the game or winning professionals. While most poker books focus on basic rules and strategies, Ace on the River's advanced perspective addresses elements that effect both game play and the player. Focusing on a variety of subjects such as the psychology of poker, money management, family issues, and sex, this book gives the reader a rare chance to look beyond the cards to see the poker world through someone who lives it. The unique you-make-the-call-play by play section will challenge the reader again and again.

Aces and Kings
by Michael Kaplan

Aces and Kings Book
Fascinating intimate profiles of the most influential and successful players in history, including Doyle Brunson, Eric Seidel, Howard Lederer, Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson, Daniel Negreanu, and many more. Thrilling play-by-plays, valuable insights, and how-to advice taken from real-life scenarios at the highest stakes tables over the past 50 years.
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All In: The (Almost) Entirely True Story of the World Series of Poker
by Jonathon Grotenstein

All In: The (Almost) Entirely True Story of the World Series of Poker Book
Jonathan Grotenstein and co-author Storms Reback, have done a remarkable job of research in writing 'All In: The Entirely True Story of the World Series of Poker,' using hundreds of resources, interviews and re-creations of hands and situations to take care of everything a poker buff might want to know about the most famous poker tournament in the world. Well-indexed, this is the story about how the game became popular, and of the people who helped and are helping promote it.
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Amarillo Slim in a World of Fat People
by Amarillo Slim Preston

Amarillo Slim in a World of Fat People Book
In this book Slim describes some of his greatest gambling exploits — from winning the World Series of Poker to creating extraordinary proposition bets to running the biggest black market in Europe during the war while giving pool exhibitions (hustling) on military bases for Uncle Sam.

Annie Duke: How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and Won Millions
by Annie Duke

Annie Duke: How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and Won Millions Book
The most recognized female name and face in professional poker, Annie Duke earned her fame by first supporting her family with her poker earnings then by winning a gold bracelet and championship title at the prestigious World Series of Poker and eventually earning a $2 million purse by defeating some of the best poker players in the world at a special tournament televised on ESPN. Annie talks about growing up, learning to compete, marriage and family. Separate chapters take the reader through the World Series event where she earned her bracelet. The bones of the book provide a broad picture of what it takes to overcome all the angst and anxiety of a dysfunctional background and succeed in an unconventional career.
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Bad Beats and Lucky Draws
by Phil Hellmuth

Bad Beats and Lucky Draws Book
Once the exclusive game of Las Vegas high-rollers and serious gambling men, poker is now wildly popular in living rooms across America. A nine-time winner of the WSOP bracelet, Phil Hellmuth, Jr., has been a poker insider for over the last 18 years. Over the course of his celebrated career, he has played, beat, and been astounded and foiled by a striking array of hands. Building on his bestseller, Play Like the Pros, he now reveals the secrets of making tough decisions, audacious bluffs, and incredible calls-based on the bold moves of his renowned peers and rivals.
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Beyond Bluffs
by James McKenna

Beyond Bluffs Book
This book contends that the game of poker is in reality a game of psychology. james McKenna is a poker columnist and a pychotherapist. This book will teach you to play your opponents as well as you play your cards. Learn how to read and give bluffs. Predict what the players around you are thinking.
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Beyond Tells: Power Poker Psychology
by James McKenna

Beyond Tells: Power Poker Psychology Book
In poker, it's not enough to play your own cards well. Knowing how to read other players, gauge their hands, spot their weaknesses—these are the skills that enable you to chart a winning course of action, no matter what cards you're dealt. Noted psychotherapist and poker columnist James A. McKenna shows you how to anticipate players' behavior by analyzing their physical and mental approaches to the game.
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Beyond Traps
by James McKenna

Beyond Traps Book
McKenna goes into the psychology of poker, revealing howto use the psychological patterns that govern opponents to trap them into making mistakes. He explains how consistent winners use different bait for different prey and how they trap and avoid traps by noticing the difference between players at the table. He expands on his two previous works, Beyond Bluffs and Beyond Tells, by demonstrating the different approaches needed for different personalities and outlining the traps for each: pigeon traps, fish traps, speed traps, net traps, and mixed traps and showing readers how to take their game to a higher level by playing their opponents as expertly as they play their cards
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