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A Huge Collection of Loose Slots!
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Online casino slots are loose. Why? Because with the lower overhead, no slot employees to pay, and lower taxes, they can afford to pay more back to their customers. Roxy Palace offers a huge range of casino slots for you to play for fun or for real money prizes. From easy to play 3-reel games and fruit slot machines, all the way through to popular video slots, progressives slots and brand new releases from Microgaming, every game provides a high level of quality.
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Slots are Loose Online!
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All Slots Casino has one of the largest collection of slots and some of the loosest slots on the web. Their selection is huge and with less overhead, employee costs and taxes than your typical brick and mortar casino, they can afford to give back a bigger percentages of bets back to the customer. Check it out!
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Finding Loose Slots

Finding loose slots is the dream of all slot players. We know they are out there, but where? Fortunately for the seekers, there are guides to help navigate through the seas of tight slots to find the oasis of a warm and generous slot.  ReadyBetGo has gathered the advice of experts who have talked to players, studied payback percentages and even got the lowdown from casino executives as to where they put the loose slots. Let ReadyBetGo be your Guide to Loose Slots!

How Can I Find Slots That Will Let Me Win?
by Basil Nestor
If you are looking to find slots that you can win on, read some of Basil Nestor's advice before you go. Reaching you goal will be easier when you are armed with good information.
The Allure of Slot Machines
by Gayle Mitchell
Gayle Mitchell will admit that the casino has a house advantage with slots, however learning and knowing valuable information has served her well in the past. She continues her quest as before, by observing casino slot locations, slot types and payouts.
How to Find Loose Slots
by Basil Nestor
It's no myth. Some slots are looser than others, and if you can find one, you'll play longer and have more fun. How to find loose slots is not as difficult as you may think if you know the clues. In our first article, we'll go over some surefire ways to find that diamond in the rough, the loose slot.
Location, Location, Location
by Basil Nestor
There are three location factors that influence how good of a slot machine you'll find. Different markets, different casinos and even different places on the casino floor all have an impact on the experience you'll have.
Evaluating the Casino Layout
by Basil Nestor
Are there strategies behind the placement of slots in a casino? You bet there are! Basil Nestor helps you get into the heads of the slot directors to lead you to the likely places for the loosest slots.
Before You Go! - Loose Slot Essentials
by Basil Nestor
If you're heading out through the forest of slots, keep these essentials in your back pocket for guidance. Loose slots are out there and this list will help you find them.
Looking for Loose Slots - Choose the Right Casino
by Basil Nestor
So we know where to look for loose slots and avoid tight ones when we're playing in casinos. Just important is which casino we play in. Take a look at some information sources that show you the exact payout at casinos, and you'll make the right choices when you play.
Tight, Tighter, Tightest Slots
by Basil Nestor
Knowing where the tight slot machines are (and avoiding them) is just as important as finding the loose ones. Here are some telltale signs to steer you clear of these money-grabbers.

Book Reviews...

'Robbing the One-Armed Bandits' Helps Slot Players Maximize Their Play
by Nick Christenson
Lund's book is a breakthrough into a new realm of profitable casino play. There is much about the book I would have written differently, but his observations are solid and his methodology seems very valid.
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