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Interesting gambling books
Slot Machines: America's Favorite Gaming Device
by Marshall Fey
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The complete and colorful story of coin-operated chance machines from the time they first became prevalent in the early 1890's up to the slot machines operated in today's casinos. Included in the exciting drama of this major industry are the pioneer, inventors, manufacturers, operators and the numerous raids that plagued the industry. This book has been used as a source book worldwide, including television documentaries.
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Interesting gambling books
Reel History
by David Mead
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Reel History, written by David Mead, son the late Dan Mead of Las Vegas, is a companion the Loose Change Blue Book, a super source for all collectors, beginners or experienced. Each machine listed and photographed contains the original manufacturer's name, date of introduction, nickname and machine type. (Those not listed are fully electronic machines, reproductions, trade stimulators, payout pinballs and one-of-a-kind machines.) This edition includes only those machines manufactured before 1980.

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Slot History and Rules

Slot history is linked to the dawn of the machine age. Before the industrial revolution, gambling was always a social event. Slot machines changed that when machines were developed where people could gamble independently. Over time the machines have become more and more sophisticated leading to games that are entertainment experiences. Read the history of slots to see where it all started. Read the rules of slots to understand how slots work now.

The 20 Greatest Slot Innovations
by Frank Legato
Frank Legato highlights the 20 monumental ideas in the history of the slot machine which most influence the way we play today.
The Origins of Slot Machines
The story of the development of slot machines is one of innovation and progress. From the mechanical wonders of the 19th century to the computer-driven models of today, slot machines have captured the public imagination. Here we'll look at the very early days when slots first burst onto the scene.
The History of Progressive Slots
by Frank Legato
Big-money progressives were one of the main reasons slots became the king of casino games. In this series of articles, Frank Legato tells you what you should know about them.
A Slot Machine History
by John Grochowski
Liberty Bell Slot
The influence of the first slot machines are still felt in today's culture. John Grochowski looks back to the origins of the one-arm bandits.
Gayle Mitchell's History of Progressive Slots
by Gayle Mitchell
The largest slot machine jackpot of $39,713,982. was won on Friday 3/21/03 on an IGT Megabucks machine at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. Since the beginning, more than 250 millionaires have emerged thanks to IGT slots. Here's the story of how this popular way to win got started and how it works.
The Reel Story of Slot Machines
by Basil Nestor
The handle on a slot machine used to make a difference, but that was before modern technology changed the dynamics. Find out what's really going on inside the one-armed bandits in this article.
Charlie Fey - The Edison of Slot Machines
Charlie Fey, a German immigrant, came to San Francisco in 1885. In the next fifteen years, this hard-working machinist would revolutionize the way slot machines were built.
Basic Rules of Slots
The rule book for playing slots is about as thick as the cookbook for gourmet British cooking, but you still need the basics. The experts agree that there are number of common sense ways to stretch your slot gambling dollars if you follow the rules. Here are some of the rules you should commit to memory.
Slots - How They Work, Old-Style
ReadyBetGo gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how old-style slot machines work.
Slot Machines Move Into the Modern Era
The release of Bally's Money Honey in the sixties revolutionized the slot machine world. Here's a glimpse of slot machines before and after the revolution.
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Slot History & Rules
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