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5 Effective Ways to Avoid Detection in the Roulette Table

by ReadyBetGo Editor

5 Effective Ways to Avoid Detection in the Roulette Table

When you are betting on any kind of roulette table, winning is not hard to do. The greatest challenge that professionals have to face is toReadyBetGo EditorThere are occasions when we here at ReadyBetGo want to bring you interesting facts about the gambling industry  When something catches our eye, we will publish it for your enjoyment. The layout of an American Roulette wheel.
The layout of an American Roulette wheel.
  avoid detection. Any roulette strategy to win must consider avoiding detection. People who are mainstays in a casino might think that of all the games, blackjack is the easiest to beat but roulette can be beaten. In fact, with the right technology, it is easier to profit from betting on roulette wheels than it is to count cards. Roulette computers have improved over the years and using them is easy and convenient. If you have one of these gadgets, beating roulette wheels would not be a problem. Needless to say, you have to avoid being caught by the casino. Here are some of the things that you can apply so you can get away with your winnings without being banned. But before betting, keep in mind the payouts and odds of roulette if you take play seriously.

Say No to Loyalty Cards

These days, casinos are more than just a place where you go to have fun by making a bet. The entire industry has been overhauled to provide the ultimate gaming experience to their patrons. While these result to better facilities and more perks, you should be wary of these if you are playing to win. Most of these casinos purportedly offer an awards or loyalty card to its customers so they will be entitled to certain privileges. But, this works a lot like a double-edged sword because it also allows a casino to track your movements. This way, they have a record of how much you are winning and this is the last thing you need.

Try Not To Stand Out

This is highly applicable when you are in a land based casino although you also need to observe such measure when playing online. Try to blend in with the crowd. Don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself. When you choose your clothes pick something that the average person would. Aside from that, you should try to avoid being seen by the same casino staff. You need to be a keen observer and try to learn the shift of the staff in the casino. If a staff sees that you are winning often in the roulette table, they might be on to what you are doing. Try to schedule your play time at different hours so there’s a different set of the staff on duty.

Take Encoded Notes

It’s totally normal to get your pen and paper out when you are playing in a casino. If you decide to take notes, be sure to use the paper that is provided by the casino. Another pointer is not to be too obvious with what you are writing down. If someone takes a quick peek at what you are writing and they see that you are drafting a strategy for beating the wheel, you will be under closer surveillance. Try to pass off your notes as something else but be sure to make it related to the games in the casino.

Roulette graphic     Roulette graphic

Always Remember That Everything Is Recorded

Casinos are crawling with cameras. All the footage can be reviewed at a later time so you need to be aware that you are under observation at all times. This is also the reason why you need to have a game plan. Don’t go directly to one roulette table and limit your bets to a certain wheel. Try to blend around and try a wide array of games just like any regular gambler. Even if you sustain losses in some games, you could recoup all that in the roulette table as long as you have a good strategy. The video cameras are also the reason why you should master the use of a roulette computer. If you are acting out of character, the person in the viewing room might catch you. From time to time, you also need to vary your strategy. It’s alright to lose some money by making a bet that might not come out but its way better than being banned by the casino. Always think about the long-term benefits not just your winnings for the day.

Choose Busy Tables

A crowd is always a good camouflage. When you are on a table with just a few players, you might observe more spins but detection rate is also higher. The best way to get around that is to pick a roulette table that has several players. This is normal behavior for any gambler and it would be fun if there are more people betting on a wheel. Although the busiest time for casinos is often from five to six in the evening, it varies from one casino to the other. However, when choosing the roulette table, don’t go for one that is so busy that the roulette wheels only spin a few times. This would defeat the purpose of winning and the croupier will spend more time getting and paying bets than manning the wheels.
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