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Casino Tropez Roulette
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Casino Tropez offers two versions of roulette: American Roulette with two zeros and European Roulette with one zero (recommended). The limits start at $.50 up to $25. All versions include a history of numbers hit and a close-up of the wheel. The graphics and sounds are excellent
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Roulette Rules and History

Roulette Wheel in ActionRoulette is the least changed of the modern table games. Betting on the turning of a wheel goes back to ancient times, and French casinos of the 18th century were playing a version very similar to what we play today.  The rules of play are fairly simple. You can win by betting on numbers, colors or odds and evens.  For more on the history and rules of roulette see our articles below.

Introduction to Roulette
by Steve Bourie
In this series of articles, Steve Bourie takes readers on a tour of roulette from the table layout, to the minimum bets, and on to the inside and outsite bets.
History of Roulette
by Basil Nestor
The 'Little Wheel' has been firing the imagination of gamblers the world over for over 200 years. ReadyBetGo's Guide to Roulette will help you understand and master this deceptively simple game.
The Origins of Roulette
The origin of the game of roulette is lost in the dark recesses of history, where factual accounts are difficult to find. Many historians believe that roulette evolved from early games of chance that used a wheel to determine outcomes.
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Roulette Rules & History
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