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Club USA Casino Blackjack
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Club USA Casino Blackjack is the best bet for practicing blackjack basic strategy without stress and distractions. The game comes in both free play and real money modes and you can play up to three hands on your own table. The rules are favorable and with a house edge of only 0.71%, better than many casinos. The table minimum is $1 per hand and the maximum is $500.
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Blackjack Card Counter 3.0Official site of the Blackjack Card Counter 3.0 developed by Dragon-Forged Software. Knock-Out BlackjackThe official site of the authors of the well-regarded book Knock-Out Blackjack has many tools to aid aspiring card counters. Included are a java-based strategy blackjack game, a description of the theory, the 'rookie' version of the K-O system, and numerous downloads, including a demo and full version of Knock-out Blackjack Training Camp.

Blackjack Card Counting

Card counting is the method of choice for blackjack professionals because when done properly it can tip the edge in favor of the player. This was the case when it was first popularized forty years ago and it is the case today. Should you learn card counting? ReadyBetGo's blackjack experts are here to give you the inside story on blackjack card counting.

Is Card Counting Legal?
by Basil Nestor
A reader asks if card counting is legal. Given the fact that many people seem to be driven away from casinos when they employ this strategy, the question is a valid one. Let's read what Basil has to say about it.
History of Speed Count: - Part I
by Henry Tamburin
For the past three years, Henry Tamburin has been the Lead Instructor in the Golden Touch Blackjack in which he teaches average players the new playing technique called Speed Count. In this article he answers questions regarding this counting technique.
Enhancing Profits When Card Counting
by Henry Tamburin
How you can get more profit out of your card counting efforts is the theme of this article by Henry Tamburin.
History of Speed Count: - Part II
by Henry Tamburin
For the past three years Henry Tamnburin has been the Lead Instructor at Golden Touch Blackjack where he teaches the card counting technique called Speed Count. In this article he answers many of the questions he's received about Speed Count.
How the MIT Students Beat the Casinos at Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
How did a team of students from MIT beat the Las Vegas casinos for over $1,000,000 playing blackjack? This question is at the heart of Henry Tamburin's article about blackjack card counting teams.
Blackjack Card Counting 101 -- Part 2
by Henry Tamburin
In Part 1 of Blackjack Card Counting 101 Henry Tamburin discussed the mechanics of card counting. In Part 2, Tamburin addresses important concepts that are essential to successful card counting.
Blackjack Card Counting 101 -- Part 1
by Henry Tamburin
Henry Tamburin knows about card counting; he's been doing it for years. In this article, the first of two parts, he explains the basics of card counting.
Card Counting: Getting Barred From Playing Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
It's one thing to learn how to count and win, but another thing altogether to learn how to avoid getting barred from playing. Take it from our expert, Henry Tamburin, who has been there.
The Forgotten Man Of Blackjack - Harvey Dubner
by Jerry Patterson
Harvey Dubner, a man few have heard of, invented the Point-count System, the system which led to scores of developmental projects, over 100 published blackjack books with the end not yet in sight, blackjack teams, concealed computers and shuffletracking.
Advantage Systems Development: The Methods, The Men, The Myths and The Message
by Jerry Patterson
Although there are legends about old time blackjack players getting an edge by 'casing' the single deck, the modern history of blackjack advantage system development starts in 1958 with the publication of the basic strategy for playing the hands by Cantey, McDermott, Maisel and Baldwin.

In the News...

MIT Blackjack Team to Hold Seminars Nationwide
The Blackjack Institute is operated by two MIT Blackjack Team members.
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The iconic MIT blackjack team, whose real-life adventures inspired the movie "21" and New York Times bestseller "Bringing Down The House", legally won millions from casinos throughout the United States. Now, two former members of that elite card-counting squad are paying visits to select cities in order to teach others how to win at blackjack.
MIT Blackjack Team Members Launch Blackjack Institute Seminars
The Blackjack Institute is operated by two MIT Blackjack Team members.
Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blackjack is the only casino game where the odds can be in the player's favor if that player knows what he or she is doing. And who better to learn winning ways from than two former members of the legendary MIT blackjack team.

Book Reviews...

Humble's 'World's Greatest Blackjack Book' Outlines Hi-Opt 1 System
by Nick Christenson
Humble's World's Greatest Blackjack Book provides a complete description of the Hi-Opt 1 card counting strategy. If you ignore the out of date data on the casinos, ignore the hyperbole about dealer cheating, and realize that the Hi-Opt 1 is a good system, but not as good as the authors make it out to be, this is an excellent book.
Mezrich's 'Bringing Down the House' Chronicles MIT Card Counting Team's Exploits
by Nick Christenson
Bringing Down the House covers familiar material, the story of the victories and travails of a successful blackjack team competing against the casinos, but this one is written well enough to make the material seem fresher than I might have expected. This is the story of one of the infamous MIT blackjack teams written for a mass audience, which means that it's probably not as detailed as serious blackjack students, myself included, might like. Still, it' s entertaining, and well worth reading.
Wong's 'Professional Blackjack' Explores High-Low Count in Comprehensive Book
by Nick Christenson
This is Wong's exhaustive description of the High-Low count system. Anyone who has decided to use this system will definitely want this book, but if one is searching for which system to use, I'd recommend reading Wong's Blackjack Secrets to evaluate the High-Low. However, even if one uses another count, this is a very useful book for any card counter, and it belongs on the shelf of every serious blackjack player.
'Ken Uston on Blackjack' Chronicles Card Counting Exploits
by Nick Christenson
This book may not make you a much better Blackjack player, but it is highly informative and entertaining. Uston chronicles exciting stories of his team's efforts at the Blackjack tables and describes the key events in his attempts to prevent casinos from barring card counters. If you enjoyed The Big Player or One-Third of a Shoe you'll really enjoy this. Strongly recommended if you enjoy reading about card counting exploits.
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