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Popular Slot Questions Answered

Q I would like to know how to pick a slot machine when I go to the casino. Gladiator.
A Hey Spartacus: Would suggest you start with basic, single payline slots, with two coin maximum and a doubleGayle MitchellGayle Mitchell is the most recognized female expert of casino gambling and has written extensively and presented seminars about casino gambling since 1996.  She is the author of the Casino Gambling Made Easier series of books, numerous E-Books, booklets and the Slots Trilogy.  She is also the editor of five online gaming newsletters including Casino Players Ezine.  Gayle's website is  or triple bonus feature. Examples are Double, Triple Diamond and Red White & Blue 7's. Your gambling bankroll will last longer this way. Try three spins at max coins, if no return, move onto another machine
Q A lot of people say that pulling the arm on a slot machine will pay more than pushing the button. Is this true? Dave
A Dave: This theory is older than dirt---there is no difference. The slot manufacturers leave the slot handle in place because they know slot players think there is a difference. Notice that bonus video slots do not have handles and the prediction is that in the future, the handles will be eliminated.
Q Is it true that more combinations make it a loose slot? Dave
A Dave. Looser slots have more "paying" symbols on the reels. Therefore, when a match-up occurs, payouts are more frequent, thus a looser slot. Tight slots, (airports, restaurants, bars) have fewer paying symbols and should be avoided. Bring on those loose slots.
Q My question is specifically about - IGT's Sizzlin' 7’s. But, I guess it could be directed towards other similar games like RWB 7s and Triple/Double Diamonds, etc. I usually play max. coins except when I get any kind of win, and then on the next "pull", I will play one coin less to help stretch my playtime. Statistically speaking, I was wondering if this is viable play or should I always play max. coins? This type of slot seems to have a high hit frequency. So, I was wondering if this method of play has merit? I generally always start out with 3-7 pulls and if the slot gives me no play, I move on. Keep Up The Good Work! Richard.
A Richard: Yes, you should always play max. coins because with the random selection of a slot, back-to-back pays can happen.
Q Are slots programmed to payoff jackpots (or any amount) based on the number of coins played. That is, do they pay off a certain number of times for one coin played, another for two coins played, and another for three coins? I notice that sometimes machines pay when I play two coins, but when I start to play three coins on the same machine it stops paying. I go back to two and it starts to pay again. I sometimes see a jackpot that was hit on one coin and wonder if it would have hit if more coins had been played. I am a computer programmer (not a slots programmer) and I don't see any reason why slots could not be programmed to hit based on number of coins played. Thanks, Joe
A Dear Joe: A slot's random number generator is programmed to select certain combinations with a pre-determined payout % as authorized by the casino. The same combination upon spinning will come-up regardless of the number of coins inserted. Playing max is the only way to get full payment from any winning combination. Joe, think about this--if this was true and the public got wind of it--what would be the point in always playing max coins? I suppose if the casinos asked it could be programmed that way, but believe me the casinos are not going to ask.
Q Are quarter slots tighter? How much bankroll should one start with for quarter slots? Joel.
A Joel: the higher denominations ($1+) will pay out more percentage-wise; however, you require a larger bankroll. As far as quarters bankroll, it can be from the low end of $200 to $1000+ depending on your comfort level. I suggest you begin with quarters and move up only with your winnings.
Q I have been reading your advice on playing the slots. I would like to know while playing a machine, should I cash out every time I win? Does that have any effect on the machine? Do you think that using your players’ card in the machine has any effect on winning? Cindy
A Cindy: When you cash out every time, it does not affect the machine but it sure affects your bankroll and that's the reason you do it. After any win, I suggest you try 3-5 more max spins and make the decision whether to stay or move on. Also, set a stop-limit on when you cash out, (i.e. at 300 credits you cash out--or whatever amount you determine). A slot card does not change anything as far as payouts; however, the big plus is that you are gathering points towards freebies that you can add to your gambling bankroll.
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