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Interesting gambling books
Blackjack for Blood
by Bryce Carlson
Book Picture
NOW BACK IN PRINT and REVISED. One of the strengths of this work is that he doesn't just tell you why you should double on certain soft totals, it SHOWS you why in simple, solid terms. Although the basics are covered, Carlson explains how and why card counting works. The book includes the entire method for the Omega II system, one of the easier level-two counts to learn and use. Other chapters cover Camouflage; Gambler's Ruin, Cheating.
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Romantic Blackjack Table for Two?

Monday, February 12, 2007
Naples, FL -- Couples bored with the traditional "dinner and a movie" date should experience the excitement two people can have working as a skilled blackjack duo on a casino floor. The cloak-and-daggerYou could be as happy as this couple with a few blackjack lessons.
You could be as happy as this couple with a few blackjack lessons.
  activity is a legal way to beat the casino at their own game, get the adrenaline flowing, and certainly strengthen the bond between two individuals.

In honor of Valentine's Day, Michael Aponte and David Irvine, cofounders of the Blackjack Institute and former members of the infamous MIT blackjack team, are offering a special blackjack mentoring opportunity for couples. From February 1 to February 14, anyone registering for a $5,000.00 Blackjack Institute mentoring session can have their "significant other" join in the instruction free of charge - a $1,000.00 savings. The special session includes Aponte or Irvine flying to a location anywhere in the United States to provide a full day of face-to-face, personalized training. (Airfare and hotel included in fee.)

"You'd be surprised what uniting to accomplish a common goal can do for relationships," Irvine said. "Most people wouldn't normally think of blackjack as an aphrodisiac, but the thrill of winning money and working together using our system to 'bring down the house' really gets the blood pumping. Many of us that played for the MIT blackjack club formed strong bonds, and some even developed romantic relationships."

Aponte and Irvine were members of the extremely successful MIT blackjack card-counting team that won millions of dollars from casinos during the 1990s. The team's capers came to light in the New York Times bestseller Bringing Down The House and were recently featured on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Now, Aponte and Irvine have taken the MIT method of training card counters and made it accessible to blackjack enthusiasts throughout the country with private mentoring sessions, as well as a training manual, DVD and home kit that make good Valentine's Day gifts for blackjack players of all skill levels.

According to Aponte, blackjack is unique in that it is the only casino card game where the odds can be in the player's favor. To gain the edge a player mentally keeps track of cards remaining in the dealer's deck, an activity that is completely legal. With the information gained a player then makes proper bets to maximize winnings. Many card counters work alone, but some form teams that divide up tasks so casinos have a more difficult time identifying when card counting activities are taking place. This "team" method is what the MIT students used exceptionally well and a technique that is touched upon during the Blackjack Institute's couples mentoring sessions.

Of course, not everyone can afford one-on-one mentoring from two of the most successful card counters around. So the Blackjack Institute also offers more affordable training materials for home use. Couples can sit down for a little "together" time and work on card counting skills at their own pace. For this purpose the Blackjack Institute offers the following items at :

-Blackjack Institute Training Manual ($59.95)
This 84-page booklet is a step-by-step guide to playing winning blackjack. An invaluable resource for any blackjack player, the manual provides detailed training tips, as well as the technical and non-technical aspects of card counting strategy.

- Blackjack Institute Instructional DVD ($19.95)
Excellent for the beginner, the Blackjack Institute DVD starts with the basics of blackjack and covers essential strategy, the running count, deck estimation, the true count and betting strategy. This DVD is an excellent visual guide to card counting and includes several bonus interactive practice chapters.

- Blackjack Institute Combo Pack ($69.95)
The combination pack contains both the training manual and instructional DVD, which complement each other perfectly for a powerful learning resource.

- Blackjack Institute Home Training Course ($134.95)
This training kit has everything you need to practice at home right out of the box, just like the MIT blackjack club did. In addition to the training manual and instructional DVD, the home training course includes a casino blackjack felt, six decks of playing cards, a cut card, a discard tray, a basic strategy chart, a chip tray and 100 gaming chips.

All Blackjack Institute products and services can be ordered at
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