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Interesting gambling books
Tax Help for Gamblers
by Jean Scott
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Tax Help for Gamblers deals with the innumerable nuances and gray areas of gambling and taxes. It covers all the whys and wherefores of this complex subject, including tax-code specifics, record-keeping, filing your tax return, state-tax considerations, and audits and other tax problems. Numerous charts and forms help you see the practical application of the information.  This book is for recreational and professional gamblers, including low and high rollers, table-game and machine players, video poker and live poker players, online enthusiasts, international and cruise ship players, and people who live or gamble in states with income taxes.
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Interesting gambling books
Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide
by Jean Scott
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The Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide is a handy reference tool designed to make finding profitable video poker games in any casino easy for everyone from the beginner to the expert video poker player. It contains nearly 200 pay schedules for 37 of the most popular video poker games and details the return for each schedule, approximate royal progressive break-even points, a measure of the game's volatility, and much more. Just 3.5 inches tall and 7 inches long, it is made of durable paper and is spiral bound so that it can be opened to any page and folded over while scouting for a particular game. Easy to use and easy to carry, there is nothing like this available on the market, but anyone who plays video poker for fun or profit should have one.
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Interesting gambling books
Frugal Video Poker
by Jean Scott
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Jean Scott, the undisputed Queen of Comps, is now the Queen of Video Poker with the release of her latest Frugal gambling book, Frugal Video Poker.  The book will help beginners and experts alike with its common sense approach backed up with rigorous statistics. For a great video poker read, pick up a copy of Frugal Video Poker.
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About Jean Scott

Book Author

Jean Scott is the author of the best-selling book "The Frugal Gambler," a casino guide for thrifty low rollers, plus a sequel, "More Frugal Gambling." She has just brought out "Frugal Video Poker," a thorough guide to help gamblers learn to win at video poker. She stresses sensible, responsible gambling and shows how to stretch out casino fun time whatever your gambling bankroll. Her exploits have been featured on Dateline, Hard Copy, Extra, To Tell the Truth, and 48 Hours, where Dan Rather dubbed her the Queen of Comps. She appears frequently on Travel Channel shows on Vegas and gambling.

Retired from the high school English classroom, her passion is still education while she continues as an active player in casinos all over the country. She is a popular speaker and writer on gaming subjects. Today, Jean Scott, who, in her words, is just an "ordinary grandmother," is the world's most famous low-rolling gambler and her fans are legion.

Jean's website is

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