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Sklansky Talks Blackjack
by David Sklanskly
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The author of numerous books on gambling theory, Sklansky believes that the reason why most people don't excel at the beatable game of blackjack is because they think expert play is too hard. In this book, he does away with the charts and tables and breaks the game down into a technique he calls “talking” you through everything you need to truly “beat” this popular game.
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Wireless Blackjack Strategy Hits Market with 'Blackjack Cheater'

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Wanna try to beat the house? How about a wireless blackjack game that actually shows you how to shift the odds and beat the house.  That's the claim of GOSUB 60 (GS60), a creator and publisher
 GOSUB 60 releases 'Blackjack Cheater' for wireless
GOSUB 60 releases 'Blackjack Cheater' for wireless
  of mobile entertainment, who has just released an innovative wireless game - Blackjack Cheater.
The game of blackjack has exploded in popularity over the past decade, with millions of online players and high-profile tournaments such as "The World Series of Blackjack." Televised programs including the Game Show Network's "Celebrity Blackjack" have also contributed to the game's tremendous boost. Now, GOSUB 60 brings the high-stakes excitement to a cell phone near you.
"With Blackjack Cheater," says Josh Hartwell, CEO of GOSUB 60, "we've combined the entertainment value of 'Celebrity Poker' with the complex statistical intelligence of the M.I.T. blackjack team. Not only do players get a fantastic blackjack game, but also a full blown CHEATER SCHOOL with all the tips, tricks and inside-info on how to win."
Blackjack Cheater is a wireless blackjack game that lets players compete in tournaments, play with AI tablemates, unlock 8 unique casinos around the world, and get hints at every step. "But it's the Cheater angle," notes Lynette Latta, VP of Marketing for GS60, "that really sets us apart from the competition. Our in-game personal coaches not only explain basic hitting, standing and betting strategies, but also give the full download on how to count cards. Plus, our 'REAL LIFE CASINO TIPS' teach players how to react in a casino setting and most importantly, cheat undetected."
For the fastest way to beat the house, BJC offers a "CHEATER" mode that lets players click their way through flawless play. With Cheater Mode on, BJC automatically hits, stands, raises and lowers as needed to effortlessly crank up the bankroll. And, for maximum real-life usage, the game features a bonus "HAND ADVISOR" in which players enter a hand they're actually playing, and the BJC Coach tells them exactly what to do. Click here for a game demo.
GOSUB 60 has been working in the mobile card game market for a while, beginning with Solitaire Deluxe(TM), their premiere release in early 2003. Since then, the Solitaire Deluxe(TM) family of titles has been a top-seller on carriers worldwide, with over 1.5 million downloads to date. Blackjack Cheater(TM) is the first release in GOSUB 60's trademarked Cheater(TM) line of products encompassing an array of card, entertainment, and productivity titles.
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