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Gambling Teachers Ebook
by Gayle Mitchell
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Learn to Win Guide: 77 Lessons by 7 Top Experts.  10 Program Chapters: 1) Poker-7 Games. 2) Blackjack. 3) Craps 4) Video Poker 5) Slots 6) Bingo & Keno. 7) Roulette. 8) Other Games: Baccarat & European Games. 9) Sports Betting and 10) Gambling Strategies-Tips from the GT team. Chapters 11) Online Gambling and 12) Gambling Teachers Blog, Lesson 77 completes the Guide. PDF format.

Slot Strategies Questions and Answers

The following article provides answers to slot players' questions sent to Casino Players Ezine: Slots Newsletter.
What is a dyed-in-the-wool '50-something' supposed to do when she grew up playingGayle MitchellGayle Mitchell is the most recognized female expert of casino gambling and has written extensively and presented seminars about casino gambling since 1996.  She is the author of the Casino Gambling Made Easier series of books, numerous E-Books, booklets and the Slots Trilogy.  She is also the editor of five online gaming newsletters including Casino Players Ezine.  Gayle's website is  only reel dollar slots like Double Diamonds, etc., and now doesn't have the nerve to sit down at a 9-line video slot because she doesn't want to look foolish?  They seem so complicated, although I know they must not be!  Is there a site to learn the basics of these machines? It is not the 45 nickels per round that scares me, it is the stupidity!  I'm taking my Mom to A.C. next month and would love to use this trip to 'practice.' Suzanne
Suzanne: Help is at hand. I have reviewed hundreds of video slots and I suggest you start with familiar brand names like Monopoly and read the help menu that will explain what symbols pay out and how much. Also be sure to activate all the paylines (start out with 5 payline versions--cheaper to play) but play 1 or 2 coins/line until you build a jackpot and then you can risk a 25 max. play with 5 lines or 45 with 9 lines.
Most people don't always know how they won or how they got to the bonus round--so throw the 'stupidity label' out the window and dive in.  
Atlantic City has a large inventory of video slots. Look for familiar brand names and try those with your mom.  
BTW, there is nothing wrong with playing those DD's dollars--a good strategy to play with 'the familiar and comfortable' to truly enjoy your casino experience.
I first want to say that I enjoy your news on slots and that it was about time to find a report that does not favor one or the other. My question is whether casinos could control your play with the club card that they so dearly want us to have.  My wife and I are keen slot players in the $1 and $5 denominations. Chris.
Chris: Re: club cards-it is a misconception that casinos can control your play with their card system. They can of course offer a freebie meal or better after a large win if you ask. The program for points accumulated is a different program from that which determines payout. Therefore, rack up those points for freebies.

We have had a lot of luck at the slots but we have come to that part of not quitting when ahead. I have noticed playing the 5 times and double double diamonds that when you start hitting with cherries quite often, then a mid size payoff is just around the corner. Also, it seems like you have to invest quite a bit to hit these types. Any truth in that assumption? And any other advice concerning the above would be appreciated. Bill.
Bill: Keep in mind that the higher the top jackpot, the fewer times it will be hit--more mid-size jackpots paid out. I suggest that you search out basic slots that have a $1000-$1500 top jackpot to begin--spend less and hit the 'top of the tree' instead of 'branches'. Happy hunting.

I've seen "Spin Poker" & "Spin Poker Deluxe" machines in quite a few casinos. Are there strategies for playing these games? Each machine offers a few selections of play (Deuces Wild) (Bonuses: Double; Double, Double; Super Aces).  BobC.
Bob: I did some research for this question, as I am skeptical of any VP game that is not full pay and has not been around for a long time. As for strategy, there's no change from regular strategy for single line games.
You want to look for is full-pay schedules: e.g., 9/6 Jacks+,  9/5 Deuces, 10/7 or 10/6 Double Bonus, etc.
To my delightful surprise, I found the overall payback %'s for this game to be Jacks 9/6=99.996%,  Deuces 9/5=100.067%,  Double Bonus 10/6=100.06%.
Again, if you find the full pay schedules as described above, the returns can be better than a regular single payline-always a plus for VP players.
Which casino in Atlantic City has the best Double Double bonus poker? Usually I go to the Hilton and Harrah's. Lenny
Lenny: I assume you know that DD Bonus is not the best VP version. While, I don't know the current inventory in AC, you have made two good casino choices. I do know the best pay schedule for DDB. Look for 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush in AC and you will be playing the 'best of this version'.
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