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8 Slot Machine Mistakes You Can Avoid

by ReadyBetGo Editor

Slot machines occupy the most space in casinos, and they are the most profitable. Did you ever wonder why they are so popular? It is because you do not need much money to bet.

Other casino games requireReadyBetGo EditorThere are occasions when we here at ReadyBetGo want to bring you interesting facts about the gambling industry  When something catches our eye, we will publish it for your enjoyment. 
  placing a high amount as a minimal bet. With slot machines, a spin needs as little as $1. Despite this, many players end up frustrated after spinning on these machines.

Players are hitting hard on tables, or the spin machine is a usual occurrence in casinos. You probably have encountered this too. You enter the casino feeling lucky, and then you walk out, having lost all your money.

Unknowingly, you may have made a slot machine mistake that can be easily avoidable. Here is a compiled list of what you can evade next time.

Not Making Use of Bonuses When Playing Online Casinos

To minimize losses, make good use of the benefits. Some online casinos reward you with a first deposit match bonus the minute you join their site.

This means that if you credited your account with $50, the casino deposits an additional amount to top up your deposit regarding their rates. This way, you get to play longer and save on money.

On the other hand, some casinos have reloaded, loyalty, monthly, and no-deposit bonuses. For instance, according to SlotCasino review, it has all these types of gifts. According to Michael Tan, a writer for Online Casino Gems, “SlotCasino provides all types of bonuses making this online casino among the best.”

However, to avoid any mistakes, always read the terms and conditions to understand what is required from you to cash out in case you become the lucky jackpot winner. Please do not get carried away by the enticing bonuses but make use of them.

Having No Prior Information About the Casino’s RTP

Before you place a bet, make sure you research the company's RTP. “Return to the player” means the percentage of the money you will get after the slot machine hands back to players after making many spins.

These spins could be thousands or millions. RTP is most advantageous to the casino since it is calculated and purposed for a long time, and pretty much can be changed in the short term. It is, therefore, wise not to bet with all your money.

To know the rates of RTP in an online casino makes Google your best friend before playing. This way, you will get to know how much their games pay.

Playing With Non-Activated Bonus Pay Lines

A pay line is a combination of symbols on the slot machine that can result in a win. With the current video slot machines, you can find bonus games included. They can have extra possibilities included, and they may involve numerous pay lines.

In a rush to place a bet and win, you do not read the rules. However, there may be added exclusive features like bonuses or a jackpot. Some slot machines need extra chances against game wagers to activate pay lines.

Once this is done, you can unlock your rewards that may include additional rounds of play or a jackpot.

You may lose a jackpot from a simple mistake of not activating the correct pay line. So, always ensure the necessary pay lines are enabled so that you do not miss out on huge winnings. If you cannot afford a high bet size, find a machine with a lower maximum bet instead.

Too Many Spins, Too Many Losses

Slot machines can easily peel your money away in no time. They are designed to move fast, and they entice players since you only place a low bet. Unknown to many, this small bet slowly translates to a lot of money within an hour.

Here are the calculations. A slot machine can make 600 spins in an hour. Assume you need to place $0.25 for one turn.

In an hour, you will have spent $0.25 multiply by 600 spins resulting in $150. What happens if you only need to place $5 for one turn? You will have used $3,000.

Avoid this mistake by playing fewer spins to cut the losses by half. Do not just look at the bet you are placing for a single spin. Do the math!

Playing Blindly

When was the last time you read the information on the help screen? If you can’t recall, this could be the reason you leave the casino frustrated.

The help section on the screen may have additional information that would help you understand the game. Besides, if the bonus rounds have specific instructions, reading this information proves helpful.

Furthermore, by reading this, you get to understand how much the symbols on the spin are worth, and you can calculate your wins.

Next time, take two minutes to read from the help screen. It won’t cost you much.

Playing Under the Influence of Tales

Your friend wins a huge jackpot after spinning for three hours. What do you do? Decide to head to the casino and spin for three hours too.

Unfortunately for you, there is no jackpot. Only a significant loss. There are so many ways one can play the slot machine and win. However, do not follow the tales.

Listen to the anecdotes, laugh at them but, play the game according to your rules. If it is a win, the win is solely entitled to you, and when you lose, it's all on you.

Overcalculating Your Win

Most players fall for this trap simply because they calculate their winning odds before playing. How so? You have 50 bucks in your pocket but select a high slot game going for $100. At the back of your mind, you can see yourself going home with pockets full of money.

Surprisingly, the winning odds go against you, and you end up frustrated, slamming your fists on the slot machine and walking out a sullen man. Instead, play a slot game you can comfortably pay for.

Competing with Joneses

Just because your competitor is winning after every spin does not mean you are on the same level. Most people fall prey to this mistake in an attempt to prove themselves. Playing slots can be addictive if you are hoping to win the jackpot.

If you note you are continually losing to keep up appearances, its time you admitted your loss, then stop for the day. Sadly, most players place all their money on bets only to lose it all.

Increasing Your Wins with Slot Machines

You’re most likely frustrated, angry, and disappointed because you’ve been making some of these mistakes. Winning is a strategy in itself, and you need to master what works and learn what doesn’t to make it work to your advantage. So, learning these mistakes and the way to avoid them should improve your skills, increasing your chances of winning!



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