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How To Hone Your Poker Skills As A Beginner To Advance

by ReadyBetGo Editor

The game of poker can be entertaining and rewarding. Not only is it a great way to spend time with friends and meet new people, but it is also one of the best ways to stay active and keep your mind sharp.

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  to other hobbies, poker is easier to learn and get started. It does not require special tools or gear; all you need is a phone, computer, or a deck of cards. While learning the basics of poker is easy, mastering it requires a lot more time and effort.

Nevertheless, it is easier today for beginners to perfect their poker skills. This article takes a closer look at the highly effective tips that will help you become an expert.

Top Poker Tips For Beginners

These tips may not help you start making money immediately from playing poker. They will neither make you expert enough to compete in the India Poker Championship. Nonetheless, they are proven methods to teach you the basics. Ultimately providing you with the foundational knowledge of poker, from which you can build on to become an expert.

Understand Poker Hands

As a beginner, understanding a poker hand is the first step to playing the game of poker. Although being a game of cards, poker also requires strategy. Here at, you can learn poker hand types and their rankings. The rankings are based on the odds of the different values of the cards.

Understanding the rankings will help you to read other players accurately, know when to fold, and how to call other players' bluffs.

Improve Your Poker Math

Newsflash! Poker requires more statistics than you might think. While the math required may not be extraordinary, having a basic grasp of simple arithmetic like division and multiplication will go a long way.

Making the right decisions is the key to winning poker. Furthermore, using mathematics will help you make the right choices in determining your odds and outs.

Study Poker Books

Unlike many other table games where you can easily find the information about the games online, in poker, the most important information is in the books. You will find tips and tricks not mentioned for the mainstream and get advice on players’ psychology to read your opponent’s better for a successful poker win.

Watch Games Between Professional Poker Players

Watching games between professional poker players gives you a huge advantage of seeing experts practice what you only have theoretical knowledge about. Thanks to streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube, watching others play poker today is more widely available than a few years ago.

Poker tournaments like The BigShow, Blockbuster, and Baazi Super Sunday are aired weekly, which provides a perfect opportunity to learn poker. Additionally, sites like the Asiabet also show you the best poker sites in India where you can enjoy participating in different tournaments and poker games. These sites were selected based on their security, poker game variation, player traffic levels, and other factors, making them excellent online poker sites to play at.

Furthermore, poker broadcasts feature commentaries by pundits and poker experts who analyze the decisions made by players based on their hands. Thereby providing an opportunity to get free expert tips on various poker scenarios and the best calls to make.


One guaranteed way to become a poker expert is to practice. After learning poker, reading books, and brushing up your basic mathematical skills, what good is it if you do not practice?

Start practicing by playing free poker tournaments. There are free poker sites like Wsop where you can learn how to play and at the same time compete against other players. There are both Sit and Go tables and tournaments to join, as well as Texas hold ‘em.


The difference between beginners and title-winning experts: is not always experience. It is often the willingness to learn from previous mistakes and make many little adjustments to their game.

Becoming a poker expert does not happen overnight. It requires hard work, time, and a willingness to learn and consistently improve your game. While these tips provide a head start for the path to becoming a great poker player, the rest of the work remains with you and your dedication to getting better.

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