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Poker Stars
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Poker Stars has reopened for most of the world, but not yet in the United States. It is endorsed by professionals like Daniel Negreanu and Chris Moneymaker. The site offers Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha 8/b, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud 8/b, Crazy Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple 8/b, Triple Draw, Royal Hold'em. Table limits range from penny games up to $300-600. The competition leans to the more challenging end of the spectrum.
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Great Video Poker at Club USA Casino
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Club USA Casino offers a huge variety of video poker machines in a range of denominations. There over 14 different video poker games including Deuces Wild, All American Poker, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and more. Many are available in multihand video poker format. Coin-in choices range from $.05 to $5.00 on single hand machines and  $.01 to $1.00 on multi-hand machines.
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The Loose Aggressive Strategy to Texas Hold'em Poker

People approach no-limit Texas hold’em with different strategies, and the best players often combine a mix of styles and strategies to win. For years, the tight aggressive approach was toutedAlex McCayAlex McCay has been playing poker for over 20 years and has written many articles on the subject of how to best play the game.  He is also the creator of, one of the most complete resources for players of Texas Hold'em on the web.   Alex's website is  as the best strategy, but in the Internet age, a loose aggressive style has gained in popularity. Today, the online poker sites are packed with loose aggressive players. A loose aggressive style can be successful, but also dangerous.

Advantages to a Loose Aggressive Style in No-Limit Texas Hold’em

When you are loose aggressive, you are often the most feared player at the Texas Holdem table. Players get nervous whenever you enter a pot because they never know when you will attack the pot with a mountain of chips. Furthermore, it is very difficult for them to put you on a hand, since you could be holding a 93 off-suit when you move in on the flop whether the flop is A K Q or 9 9 3. You’ll often get paid off on your big hands because opponents may not give you credit for a monster.

Disadvantages to a Loose Aggressive Style in No-Limit Texas Hold’em

A loose aggressive style in online Texas Holdem can lead to big wins or big losses. If your timing is off just a little bit, the results could be disastrous. You’ll be moving lots of chips, so when an opponent wakes up with a big hand, you could be in real trouble. You’ll also be in many more “decision” pots, which can be stressful.

Choosing a Loose Aggressive Style

If you’re comfortable risking a lot of chips and you like to be the table captain, a loose aggressive style may be for you. If you’re the type of player who likes to pick his spots and trap unsuspecting opponents, you may prefer to opt for a tighter, less aggressive approach.
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