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What types of online bets are most popular?

by ReadyBetGo Editor

Gambling and betting have all day been popular and attractive for a great part of the world’s population. As it has moved online it has only become more present and attracted more who enjoyReadyBetGo EditorThere are occasions when we here at ReadyBetGo want to bring you interesting facts about the gambling industry  When something catches our eye, we will publish it for your enjoyment. Source PixaBay
Source PixaBay
  placing bets and gambling with money. 

The online betting market is not only popular; it is a huge money generator and has been for several years. There are an increasing number of people engaging in online bets and therefore the amount of money circulating in the field is only expected to rise in the years to come. The world of online bets is diverse, but what are the most popular types of online bets and gambles? And what are the most popular ways to bet online?

Sports betting takes 1st place

And even though casino activities are very popular the most popular betting activity is by far placing bets on sports. 40% of the total online betting market is sports betting. Taking up close to half of the entire activity it is dominating the online field. Since 2018 when the Supreme Court legalized sports betting it has seen major growth.

 In sports betting there are plenty of things to place bets on and the wide range of options is probably one of the reasons for the high percentage of activity. You can bet on any type of sport and not only who is the underdog and favorite, but more specifically what happens during the matches. Sports is widespread and the wide engagement in all types of different sports is naturally a big factor in the popularity of betting. A lot of people probably engage casually in placing bets and trying it once, they don’t necessarily return. If you want to be a part of the excitement towards sports betting, you can get ready for betting at Through this site, you can be a part of the amount of activity in sports betting. 

Casino gambling takes 2nd place

The casino market is coming in at a semi-close second with a total percentage of 32,1%. The amount of activity is not that far from sports betting, however, not as high. People enjoying casino gambling tend to do it several times. This might be one of the reasons the number is not as high in betting where there are more newcomers in a constant flow.

While the pandemic has been a hard time for the land-based casinos, the online casinos have been ramping up their strategies. And they have attracted many online gamblers with great deposits and bonuses as well as offering even more games and features. Even though the online casinos have managed to attract a lot of gamblers during the pandemic, it has not managed to out concord sports betting yet. Maybe it will at some point, but at the current moment placing bets on sports is not easy to compete with.   

The next in line is the lottery taking up 13,2% of the online activity. Which are some but not close to the type of activity in the previous two categories.

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