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How Online Casinos Build Their Strategy During Quarantine

by ReadyBetGo Editor

The epidemic has left many industries devastated by limiting the number of customers and the movement of people and goods. The casino night business is one of the most affected ones with all the brickReadyBetGo EditorThere are occasions when we here at ReadyBetGo want to bring you interesting facts about the gambling industry  When something catches our eye, we will publish it for your enjoyment. 
  and mortar casinos required to remain closed as governments world over effect stringent quarantine rules. The most affected venues are popular gambling states and territories like New Jersey in the US. In most Asian and countries where internet casino gambling is prohibited or unregulated, the impact has been huge, as there is no alternative to closed casinos and gamblers could easily fall prey to unscrupulous dealers in online sites.

Land-based casinos such as the ones in Macau in China are the hardest hit because they not only have to close shop and stop operations for an indefinite period, but also because their stocks have plummeted losing considerable capital in the few months that the disease has been rampant. The businesses still have to pay for their workers' fees during this period and also have to cancel events, many of which they had already heavily invested in advance. Along with expected taxes and other business expenditures, many industry players are now looking to their governments to offer cushioning as a way out to prevent a total failure of businesses, which may, in turn, have massive negative implications in respective countries.

Online Casino Business Opportunity

The US and UK governments are some of those either providing or considering measures to help the gambling industries in their countries. Amidst all the turmoil, one area of the gambling industry seems to come out unscathed and even to thrive, the online gambling sites. Sports betting, both online and offline, has taken huge hits with the indefinite postponement and delay of events losing prestigious markets, but online casinos have recorded a boom.

Real online gambling has picked up, and many top paying online casinos NZ have seen a rise in visitors to their sites. As more people spend time at home and lack options for gambling and passing the time, they are resorting to the online casinos as an option for entertainment and even a way to win real cash.

The online casino scene is now presented by opportunities from two main audiences. Usual players with accounts, who either stopped betting for a while or do so occasionally due to daily limitations of time and involvement in other activities. The other audience, which the online casinos are now targeting, is new players who have never had the experience of an online casino. Online gambling, which did not have a physical casino as part of their business, is at the forefront of exploiting the new opportunity. On the other hand, businesses that had both online and offline casinos are being forced to reevaluate their casino business model so that their online platforms contribute a significant amount of their earnings.

With little time to plan on strategies on how to exploit the market, online sites have been left depending on their marketing and business development teams to craft to exploit their advantages and sell themselves as a viable alternative to a large market segment, which includes people who bet on sports.

Marketing Strategy for Casino Business

Unlike land-based casinos, which relied on their ability to generate spectacle and atmosphere to attract clients, online gambling houses offer convenience and variety as their main selling points. Businesswise, they deal with fewer overhead costs and staff while their staff can do much of the work form the safety of their home; thus, the quarantine regulations do not affect their daily operations. As part of the strategy to hold their positions in the market and provide a cushioning to the drop in stock value, online casinos are employing the following strategies:

  1. Aggressive television advertising

With everyone at home and most of the time doing nothing but following news of the epidemic worldwide, most eyes will be on television, making it worthwhile for online sites to invest in them as a way to reach new potential players. Television advertising also intrudes on them to an older segment of the population who are usually missed by online campaigns and have more money to spend.

  1. Attractive deposit minimums

With everyone being thrifty during this period but still needing to have forms of entertainment, the casinos have to find a way to make them a cost-effective option. As a result, there is an increase in the number of deposit options available for players. Besides these, there are many other incentives, including more welcome bonuses with fairer wage requirements to make them easily attainable.

  1. Social media presence and play options

With people isolated from other social media platforms are an avenue where friends can still relate and share online gambling news and experiences. There has been an increase in online advertisement and content, promoting their games and platforms. Along with this, some casinos are having their popular games available for social media players for free on social media platforms.

  1. Mobile devices compatibility

Even with the advantages presented by HTML5, not all gambling establishments and certainly not all games are available on mobile devices. Currently, though, there is a push to have as many games as possible on the existing casinos for mobile users. Online casinos with a developed mobile presence are banking on this to stay ahead of the curve as the development process usually takes time.

  1. More Casino Games And Features

Online gaming also provides more casino games on their sites. They have to cater to a wide variety of gamblers now, including those used to the atmosphere of the land casinos. Games like virtual horseracing and other virtual sports are being introduced. They also have to cater to high rollers from land casinos, thus an increase in prize money and betting options.

It is going to be a tough month for many industries, including gambling houses. However, the online casino business is one of the few in the industry where the present challenges offer a profitable business opportunity. As long as costs for adapting are kept, they may provide an alternative to casinos already incurring massive losses.

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