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The most popular strategies for sports betting

by ReadyBetGo Editor

Almost every person who places a bet at a bookmaker aims to win. If one forecast brings profit, then there is a desire to regularly earn money by betting Of course, this typeReadyBetGo EditorThere are occasions when we here at ReadyBetGo want to bring you interesting facts about the gambling industry  When something catches our eye, we will publish it for your enjoyment.  of work seems very attractive and promising. However, the very first series of failures brings the novice handicapper “from heaven to earth.” After this, some players simply stop making forecasts, others try to increase their analytical level and raise their bets to a higher level of efficiency. However, there are many handicappers who rush in search of a win-win system or a “miraculous” method that is guaranteed to make their life rich and beautiful.

It should be said that there are a huge number of systems and methods that are applicable to playing in a bookmaker's office. Many of them migrated from classic casino games (roulette). Others were invented exclusively for a certain type of forecast. For example, a strategy for betting on a total over 2.5.

Among the variety of systems and strategies, there are recognized leaders. Many handicappers use the “catch-up” system, which involves increasing the bet according to a certain principle if the previous forecast loses. It is worth saying that all bullish strategies have a common ancestor - the Martingale system. This betting method also came into the bookmaker environment from the classic casino. It was at the roulette table that the system with a double increase in bets on equal chances was first tried.

The essence of the Martingale system is quite simple. Forecasts are made at odds close to 2.0. If the bet loses, the next bet must be doubled. You need to do this in a similar way until the forecast turns out to be correct. At first glance, it may seem that the system is quite working. However, only amateurs think this way, who see five or six black numbers in a row on the roulette board and run to the cashier with unimaginable speed in order to have time to bet on “red”. The chances of getting red remain less than 50% (zeros are taken into account). Even if a hundred black numbers appear in a row.

In sports betting, there can also be long losing streaks. They happen even to the most professional cappers. On popular monitoring sites you can see that almost any top forecaster has two or three negative months a year.

Young redhead man wearing hooligan scarf and using smartphone depressed and worry for distress, crying angry and afraid. sad expression.

If the handicapper made the first forecast for one dollar, then after four unsuccessful bets the amount will increase to 16 dollars. At this point, there is already $31 in play, but the possible winnings are still $1. At the same time, the chances of passing the forecast do not change. It is clear that with large sums or a longer series of failures, the handicapper will face the loss of an impressive part (or all) of the bank and enormous stress. In addition, do not forget about the limits of bookmakers. Quite often, tipsters are no longer able to double their bet. You have to make forecasts on other gaming portals.

It is important for a handicapper to systematize his betting and not make impulsive bets. Therefore, players try to find the optimal gaming strategy that will allow them to work with their bankroll according to a pattern. Some handicappers prefer the “ladder” system, in which you need to increase the amount by a certain amount with each new bet. Here it is important to take into account the probabilities of forecasts passing, as well as the desired growth of the bank.

Quite a lot of players adopt the Anti-Martingale system. From the name it becomes clear that it is proposed to increase bets in case of a win and lower when the forecast loses. This is a rather interesting method of playing, which, however, also has its own characteristics and disadvantages.

All betting strategies have one thing in common. Neither system is a win-win and does not provide a guaranteed profit. Beginners to the gambling business will probably be disappointed, but handicapping is a difficult and risky profession that requires constant excellence. No method will teach you how to correctly analyze matches and find profitable odds. And this is precisely what the small portion of players (2-3%) who have made sports betting their profession do.

Almost none of the successful handicappers use aggressive playing methods. You can be sure that beginners who enthusiastically use progressive betting systems will make experienced tipsters smile and pity. Most professionals prefer the flat betting method (fixed bet) with slight adjustments to the odds and bankroll status. The entire cash reserve is divided into small parts, which become the face value for one forecast. This tactic allows you to effectively manage your finances and calmly overcome unsuccessful periods.

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