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Bridging Worlds: The Intersection of Traditional Gaming and Social Casinos

by ReadyBetGo Editor

If we go to just a decade ago, we can see that the gambling industry has advanced a lot throughout the years. What started as a physical-location-focused experience, grew into a huge online community,ReadyBetGo EditorThere are occasions when we here at ReadyBetGo want to bring you interesting facts about the gambling industry  When something catches our eye, we will publish it for your enjoyment. 
  where even the main perspective of casino games has changed.

Yes, casino games are not only about making money anymore. They are also about the overall experience.

Since the focus of the industry has changed, we’ve seen the introduction of a relatively new gambling concept called social casinos. Social casinos are created with one goal in mind. To provide players with free-to-play alternatives to their favorite casino games with a higher focus on the entertainment part of things.

This looks like a gamification of the online casino industry, which is a good thing. Social casino games are more related to traditional video games, rather than traditional casinos. They offer unique interactive elements, better graphics, community-building features, tournaments, online play, and much more.

It seems like the social casino sector is slowly transforming and with that it enters the traditional gaming sector where we have games that are designed for people to have fun

Understanding Traditional Video Gaming

Video games are virtual worlds where people engage in many different activities, alone or with other players. These video games are designed with one purpose in mind. To give people a chance to enter a virtual world, with endless possibilities just to have fun.

Video game developing companies make money by selling these games, and by in-game purchases where players can unlock certain features or cosmetics.

It sounds very similar to the world of social casinos, right? Well, let’s examine their connection a bit further.

Emergence of Social Casinos

Social casinos on the other hand are also games, that you can play online on many different platforms, and they are usually free. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Social casinos offer free-to-play games like poker, slots, roulette, or blackjack, where players are given virtual money that they can use in the process.

Platforms like Huuuge Casino offer social casino slots, where you can play with your friends, and create an entirely new concept that focuses on entertainment, rather than making money.

Social casinos are also made with the same purpose in mind as traditional games. They are made so people can enjoy casino games, have fun, and interact with other players by entering a virtual world without the risk of losing money.

But how do social casinos make money if the process is free?

Well, it’s free to a certain point. Most social casino games have in-game purchases where people buy cosmetics, in-game items, or unlock certain features. Things like gifts for people can also be purchased for real money. Some of them even allow you to refill your virtual credits with real money, which kind of ruins the entire free-to-play system.

However, the gamification of the social casino genre is real and it is evident. On top of that, social casino games don’t always follow traditional casino games. We also have new and evolving concepts and some of them are based on traditional games from the past.

Bridging the Gap: Traditional Games in Social Casinos

Tapping into an Old Market

Social casino games are mostly played by people who are already gamers. This is the first time that casino games can fall into the same category as traditional video games, and it is a good thing.

It seems that the industry focuses more on interaction, experience, and actual value that people get from playing such games. In the future, we expect the traditional gaming audience and social casinos to merge, since we are talking about a relatively similar industry.

Inclusive Gameplay

One of the charms of social casinos is their inclusive nature. Players of all skill levels can participate without the pressure of real-money stakes, fostering a welcoming environment for beginners and professional players who want to test out their skills.

The Social Aspect

Building Connections

Unlike past online casino games, social casinos are now more focused on building communities through chat features, clubs or leagues, sharing achievements, and fostering online friendships. This is something that the traditional gaming industry has done for years, and it is one of the main pillars of the online gaming industry.

Being able to make friends, chat, or join clubs in the virtual world makes the entire gaming industry special, and connects people from every part of the world. This is another similarity between the traditional gaming industry and social casinos in which the players are the main focus.

Events and Tournaments

To spice up the gaming experience, social casinos host events and tournaments just like some of the most popular traditional video games. These competitive platforms not only offer exciting gameplay but also opportunities to showcase skills and win rewards.

Challenges and Regulations

Legal Landscape

The gaming industry, including social casinos, faces regulatory challenges worldwide. Regulations vary by region, impacting aspects like game offerings, age restrictions, and monetization models.

Responsible Gaming

With the growing popularity of gaming, including social casinos, there's a focus on promoting responsible gaming practices. Platforms implement features like time limits, spending controls, and educational resources to support players' well-being.

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