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Online Casino Promotions

Online casino Promotions have become an important part of today’s casino culture. With more and more casinos launching in the online market, promotions are the way to remain competitive in
  the industry. Online promotions usually persuade players to bet more and get rewards. But the promotion has to be appealing to the players so they engage with more betting and keep coming back. They must have retention power. A popular promotion structure has been recognized over the last year. It is very interesting and straightforward, it can keep going for a month and to top it off, it has various fascinating themes.

The basic thing this promotion has to offer is awarding points to players against their deposited amount and wagered by them. However, the system of awarding points may not be identical in different online casinos and points may be known by different names in different casinos. In this type of promotion, some online casinos adopt the process that when some amount is withdrawn, points are deducted. And to keep up the points, a player has to keep his funds in his casino account. You can read Norsk casino guide that will help you in better understanding all about this system.This policy tempts player to wager more or keep his funds idle. Thus players needs to be very careful how they play or withdraw money, as this can be very tricky.

This promotion involves various stages; it is not just simply that a player who scores more points will be rewarded, and this is not exactly done. A player has to go through various stages of promotion and cross the levels. To move from one stage to another, a player has to collect particular number of points. A player qualifies for the next level if he gathers a specified number of points. There is a leader board on most casinos which displays the position of all the players to know where they have reached in the promotion and how far they have to go. This acts like a race and incentive to the players because through this they can know their standing.

For rewarding players there are various systems. Well, the most common one is, a bonus is awarded to the all the participants who have got to final stage, of course within given time period. An additional benefit is also offered by some casinos. The players who have reached into the final stage are entitled for lucky draw contest. And this lucky draw is even for bigger awards. A month is the time period for which this type of promotion goes on. So at middle levels, bonus prizes are usually offered to mesmerize the players. Based on the current wagering levels of the players prizes are offered usually on fixed days of the week in most cases. Random prizes are also offered periodically to attract those who have a less chance of winning as all the bonuses are expected to award to those with maximum wagering.

The best part of this form of online promotion has yet to come - themes. This type of promotion is known for its various themes on the top of its basic formation. Popular themes of this type of online promotion are Christmas, World Traveling, etc.

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