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How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines! ... Or Lose Trying
by Frank Legato
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Frank Legato is not only a recognized slot expert, but he also knows what it's like to take on the one- armed bandits; he's a player first and foremost. In this funny and insightful book, Frank shares his 20 years of experience researching, writing about, and playing the slots.

You'll learn: Exactly how slot machines work, which machines pay back the most money, and which pay most frequently, which slot beliefs are merely silly myths and which are facts, how to recognize phony (and funny) slot systems that should be avoided, Frank's own strategies for increasing your winning potential How to maximize your returns from slot clubs, and more . . .

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About Frank Legato

Book Author

Frank Legato is recognized nationally as an expert in the history and operations of slot machines, a subject on which he regularly conducts seminars for both the professional trade and the playing public. Frank is currently managing editor of the trade journal Global Gaming Business, and a contributing editor to the national player magazines Casino Player and Strictly Slots.

Frank was a founding editor of Strictly Slots, the first national magazine for slot and video poker players, and was on the editorial staff of Casino Player as Slots Editor before moving to Global Gaming Business. He still writes expert columns on slot machines for Casino Player, and continues his popular humor column "Perfectly Frank" for Strictly Slots.

Frank Legato shares his 20 years of researching, writing about, and playing the slots in his book How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines! ... or Lose Trying

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